It is a long time now away from our republic, fifty-two long-short years that is apt to call ourvreal independence for it was after this year that our constitution referred to the legal sovereign as the state and not the crown. And following carefully from then, one would see the Banana republic the country has turned into .Jared Angira the Kenyan warned and wanned himself out when posited that he wants to be the hangman ,hanging them hanging the day’.Well,nobody’s dieing here, just the painful posture of our failing nation that arises pain in the heart of we her lovers.
That the country’s vicissitudes is a substantial one is not a new note, rather it is how to go about these that has been the bane in past years of the kitchen politics we call democracy,quite truly someone’s cracy. The political situation Nigeria has been in since 1999 has been dismaying but,had been endured, so has the social situation too . It is the current economic situation that prompts these cries. With the inflation rate strolling towards 10percent ,all static incomes have lost over 40% of purchasing values since 2010.Thus the labourer’s #18,000 minimum wage may just be worth less than #10,800 today. This same economy had boosted by just a short while before 1980 of 50 kobo-1$ unlike today’s #280=$1.This painfully is a harbinger of future economic disaster to note that America has started oil exportation! Oil which serves as 80% of our main export will soon lose its competition when the Americas get at loggerheads with us,by then it will be our biggest buyer being our biggest competitor as the US will not compete with Arab countries with more crude capacity-this I foresee as others foresaw the headaches no GSK panadol have proven effective enough to cure in recent times. I do ask myself what will Nigeria do when crude oil ‘stops’ being our main export? where will our moribund politicians get money to steal from? how will our trillion budgets get financed? Will we not run back to our former Parisian and Londoner creditors?. It will be too sardonic and lugubrious as the story now is already tragic.
“And Nigerians will do nothing”was what one political activist remarked. When we get pushed to the wall,we as in recent times preferred to enter the wall than to turn our face back at the pusher. Until the populace see this other area of the amber alert,then things will remain the way it is. Nigeria is in socio-political trouble now, that it is only the dieing kicks of the cock that can save it.To be positivist, the people with a modicum of success can overturn things but there will be sacrifices which we have refused to pay and are still reluctant to pay forgetting that no successful nation we see now did not go through paying times. Those that lead our country by hand to the foreign-made guillotine are still celebrated brandishing the sword of impunity in our faces. As POC Umeh wrote in his poem Ambassadors of Poverty
“ambassadors of poverty are/all of us whose actions and inactions/kills our collective joy”
Our pacifism and quietude while our country is being led to the butcher’s table will leave us not only with splashes of blood stains on our clothes but also our very own blood flowing along with hers. There have been failed states;the Yugoslavias,the USSR,and others and there have been successful nations and what happened to those countries had the hands of the populace. We should not ask what Nigeria can do for us now but what we can do for Nigeria even though it is mere geographical term according to Awolowo or a paper work according to Balewa ,it has become our reality and our beloved,…. our country is on her way to the guillotine!


  1. someborry cannot buy something online again. you have to be calculating like 10times, to know how much exactly you’d end up spending.


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