Secretly watching the ray blinking
Minds whistling success impurely immortalized
Congratulations throating out from mouth already knowing
Feeble minded fellows waiting to be stabilized

I got philosophy, I’m a law student; words of hesitant and anticipant
Mysteries unexplained mesmerizing miseries
Papers determining where to be, degree determinant
Luminaries undeterred lending leverage.

Standing there, the middle of nowhere
Cleverly cunning, the detective story
Detecting the next step engulfed in fear
Encompassing a not compassed kinetics, the innocent folly.

“Hello, do you know where DLI is?”
Tone of a mind submerged in a registration maze
Trying to smile, a relationship grease
“It is there” a reply for an adventure to trace.

Cross eroded crossroad
Spiced with species “spicingly ” picking recruit surprisingly
Songs of sorrow, welcome to the confusion mode
Melancholic choices and evident ability

Pointing at the five points
Unknown scarcity of the sickle cell patients
Wishes, wishes, wishes mindless pedaling no course point
Expecting miraculous mysteries, the story of maleficent.

Pendulum; minds swing of heightened hopes and fretful moods
Careless young souls struggling in a maze
Of dreams and trance in innocent dudes
Only to be awoken by the harsh realities of their chase.

Dedicated to the new waves. Sobriquet: freshers.

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