Open Letter to The Dean, Faculty of Law

Dear Sir,
I humbly write this to you Sir with utmost respect.
Upon research cumulated from conversations with my peers, it’s been found that only the Faculty of Law expects its students to pay a due of #6000 per session, whereas some faculty dues are a mere #1000!
Some have accepted that because Faculty of Law has no ‘department’ per se, we do not pay departmental fees. Since ‘it’s one for all, all for one’, we are indirectly paying to every department hence why the dues are so exorbitant! I beg to differ, Faculty of Law has more than 1000 students, I do not accept that no other faculty in Unilag has that same figure or lesser so!! So, the question on my mind, dear sir, is Why the exorbitant fees?

Secondly, I know for certain the school has a certain formulation for cumulation of a semester’s work, which gives only 70% to exams so as to give students a better and fair chance at a good result. Why does the Faculty of Law give 80% to exams and a mere 20% to tests (notwithstanding the amount of tests done for a singular course)? It’s no surprise that only a mere 15% can boast of an excellent result after a semester. I find this to very unfair and inexplicable sir.
Sir, I hope you would look into these and use your good office judiciously and righteously.

Yours Sincerely,
Simbiat Tobiloba
A concerned student.

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