Law Student Style Swap: From Corporate to Casual


Happy new year guys welcome to 2016.

Now I can finally relate to every law student struggle. This white and black thing is no joke, I had a hard time shopping this holiday and trying to find something that suits my style. Unlike most people I’m not going with the norms, wearing a white skirt and black skirt with flats or sandals. Sometimes you got to switch up your style, add more colour to your life be it in your accessories or hand bag or footwear.


So try swapping your shoes for sneakers I know I know I can almost hear some voices in my head saying “You are prestigious law students you need to dress properly to avoid embarrassment”. All I’m saying is trying adding a bit casual to that corporate look.

After a stressful day in class you can always do a one minute swap with your outfit without changing or pulling off anything and then you will see wearing white and black isn’t so bad. This look could take you out with friends without feeling out of place.


For more check out my personal blog and follow me on instagram @makeupbyziza I wish you guys a wonderful year ahead.


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