Greetings, all of our faithful readers: followers, commentators, fans, and critics alike. The Law Students’ Blog has come quite a long way since its creation, and it has always owed its progress to a particular group of people, at a particular time, working tirelessly in order to keep its daily activity alive. This is the set of people who write the reviews of events in the faculty, who compile lists of the best and worst dressed individuals at such events, who let you know who the finest and hottest students in the faculty are, who interview outstanding students for due recognition, who divulge information on matters regarding the faculty, who keep you up to speed with fashion trends, who bring you regular weekly journals and diaries for your reading pleasure, who analyze and critique the political state of the faculty….. And we would like now, to introduce ourselves to you. The 2015/2016 LexIcon Team…

Mercy Marvellous Alonge
Of the class of “20 describes herself as a young damsel with a passion for writing which is being ignited as the days go by. She is a religious and ambitious person, who loves to inspire others as much as she wants to be inspired herself. She is simple, natural, and believes in what a person holds on the inside.
Segment: motivation and inspiration

Dosunmu Agboola Mubarak
a chivalric perfect gentleman with an astounding sense of humor and an astronomic sense of honor from the class of ’19, is a highly passionate young man. Popularly called Ladking, he believes he is a king in his own right and a lord in his hobby; writing.
Segment: Beauty of the Week, News and Events

Samuel Abu
of the law class of ’19 is also known as SAM_3C.  He describes himself as a cool, calm and collected writer, poet and social commentator. He hopes to educate and inspire people with his writing.


Segment: Politics, Opinion

Olamide Davis
does not talk much but believes her articles speak for her. She encourages her readers to feel free and drop their thoughts.


Segment: LSS Geek, Self-help for Dummies

Tolulope Olayiwola
is a member of the class of ’19. She is a passionate photographer and the present public relations officer 2 of the Gani Students’ chambers.


Segment: Photo-journalism

Taiwo Famakinde
is a member of the Law class of ’19. She is a fun loving writer who likes to conduct interviews and vox pops (sampling people’s opinions on a particular issue). She enjoys reading, music and travelling.


Segment: Student Voices, Pair of the Week

Alajogun Ayomide Arinola
Law Class of ’19. She loves to hang out and write, and particularly enjoys writing non-fictional poems and true life events. She loves people!


Segment: News and Events, Pleasures of Poetry

Samuel Ajayi
is in his sophomore year of the law. A reader by day and a writer by night. A pen beau who chairs a bank of experience. He is an embryonic author who seeks being influential and outstanding always.
“Natality blessed me to write. Creativity commands me to write right”
Segment: Student Voices, Literary Work

Mayowa Folami
(mostly called Ziza), is a quirky fashion Blogger and entrepreneur. She is a Fashion contributor for Jumia fashion and Genevieve magazine. Her personal blog is , and you can follow her on instagram
@makeupbyziza and twitter @styledbyziza. Mayowa is the Principal Fashion editor of the Blog.
Segment: Fashion and Trends, Journal of a Multicolored Lawyer

Jeremiah Owolabi
is a member of the law class of “18. Esquire is an experienced writer having worked with the Guardian Newspaper and Sahara Reporters. His writing ranges from National, to Unilag, and Faculty politics.
Segment: Political discourse and analysis

Ikeoluwa Adetona
is a prolific writer and a very inquisitive reader. A member of the class of “18, she is presently the welfare secretary of the Federation of Oyo State Student Union” (2014/15).
She lives in Oyo State.
Segment: News and Events, Student of the Week

Tochukwu Anosike
is a member of the law class of “18, who loves and follows sports. If he were not studying law, he may have been playing for his favorite club, Crystal Palace :). You can connect with him on Instagram @carlsyke.
Segment: Sports, LSS Games

Oreoluwa Akinosi
is a writer of the class of “18. She prefers the world her pen creates to the real world, and would live in it were that possible. She likes pink fingernails and talking about other people.
Segment: Interviews

Tomiwa Adebanjo
of the class of “18, is a versatile young lady; an avid reader with a flair for the dramatics. A hopeless romantic and a believer in the supernatural, she can usually be found munching on a bag of chips with her nose buried in a book (usually not related to law).
Segment: Once upon a Law Student

Naphtali Ukamwa
is an avid crusader for sociopolitical egalitarianism and the perpetual pursuit of happiness for all. He is an author and a political commentator. His dominant drives are God, family, law/advocacy. A member of the class of “18, Naphtali is also the Principal Political Editor of the Blog.
Segment: Politricks with Naphtali, Sayings of the Sage

Adeyemi Christianah
from the Law Class of “17 enjoys writing, reading and photography…(and eating). She loves the idea that with books, one can live in another reality and encourages everyone to pick up a book today!
Segment: Book Reviews

Isola Bunmi
of the Class of “17 describes herself as a born critic, who finds satisfaction in humor and sarcasm. Her imagination is what keeps her pen moving. When she stops thinking, she stops writing.
Segment: News and Events, Executives’ Lounge

Wuraola Fagbamiye
of the of class of “17, sees herself as a lecturer in future while maintaining her writing. She considers herself very friendly and is outspoken on issues relating to feminism, rape and racism.
Segment: Self-help for Dummies, Opinion

Bafewa Sanni
of the Class of “17 is a budding and aspiring future best selling writer. He believes that the pen or keypad should not be only a means of communication, but one by which to expand our world and introduce ourselves to the world, outside. He also believes that his identity lies hidden in his work.
Segment: Men’s Fashion, Beauty of the Week, Gossip in Prose

Adeboyin Adebisi
loves Writing because it is an art through which her imagination finds expression. A lover of old school music, Ebenezer Obey is the icing on the cake.
Segment: Executives’ Lounge, Commentary and Reviews

Busayo Otinwa
is a world trapped inside a gentle, dark-skinned schoolgirl. She believes in letting that world find expression through writing and interaction with other people. An almost perfectionist, she is a member of the Class of “17.
Segment: Stunner of the Week, Editing and Short Prose

Great Opara
Class of “18. Writer. Public speaker. Recovering Narcissist. Creative Director of the Lss Blog.
Segment and Role: Creator of Chronicles of the Illegally Legal, Coordinator of Self-help for Dummies, in-house Reviews, Critiques, Editor and Coordinator of the Team.
Contact for enquiries: 081-857-43382 Email:

William-Adusa Hosanna
is the light skinned good boy, who happens to be the Content Director of the Blog. Class of “17.
Role: Everything (Administration of the Website, Uploading and Posting of Content, Final Editor of all Articles, Liaison with outside Contributors, Admin of the Blog’s Email Address;
Contact: 09051134517 Email:


Olamide Egbinola
Former Head of Photography, Chief Media Editor. Soft spoken… Class of “16.

Jessica Durotinu
Former Chief Editor, Coordinator of the Interview Category, Descriptive Writer. Perky… Class of “16.

Oladele Temiloluwa Philip
Former Creative Director of the Blog, Freelance Editor, Writer. Witty… Class of “16

Teniola Akeju
Former Content Director, Defender of the Blog, Critic. Firm… Class of “16.

Olayiwola Gamaliel Fasuyi
Creator of the Law Students’ Blog. Founder of the LexIcon Team. Critic. Humorous, Witty, Sarcastic… Graduate of Law, Class of “15.
For the Eye to see, and the Head to conceive, and the Hand to write…



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