Are you tired?
Tired of straining to hear the cases being mentioned by lecturers in class?
Tired of going to the library to search for law reports?
Tired of battling with citations and trying to remember the full names of both parties to a case?
If your answer is yes, then smile, this post is for you…
We introduce to you, the Previous Case Dictionary (PCD).


Precious Case Dictionary comes in an app for Android. It contains over 1500 cases and counting (as the app would be frequently updated).
It contains cases for both the First and Second Semesters of Second Year (Year 2) so that users do not have to go through the financial burden of repurchase.
Its cases range through subjects like Law of Contract, Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Legal systems etc.
Its content is concise and precise and well adapted to each reader’s reading habit (it is best used with a reading material).


It has a Synonym Feature, useful for finding cases with similar facts and judgement (Judicial Precedents).
There are also side comments on cases of particular importance.
The app


attends to the user’s comfort and can be personalised to suit any taste.
Its Search Engine feature is highly flexible and displays suggestions for cases as the user types in words.



The app can be downloaded from . It can also be shared via Bluetooth, Flashare or Xender.
Install and login in with your name and PCD PIN.
How to get a PIN:
Meet with any of the PCD agents appointed in the various classes or any person wearing the Case Dictionary Badge. Please Note : Password Sales begin on Thursday the 28th of January, 2016. You may also download the Precious case dictionary demo app at


Call Precious on 08093475551, or Tolu on 08094005459 for further enquiries.

Please like our page on Facebook- Precious Case Dictionary.  And follow us on twitter @preciouscased.


Imagine all your cases in the palm of your hand. This is what the Precious Case Dictionary App offers… Simplicity and Convenience!


  1. Very innovative indeed. In this world of technological advancement we are not left out. Big thumbs up.


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