You cannot count the Top 5 cutest boys in the law class of 18 without mentioning Aladegbaye Emmanuel.  I mean,  he is everything you want in a guy,  he is Tall, dark and boy is he BEAUTIFUL!!!  I mean the ladies just cannot get enough  of him.  Imagine my shock when I heard he hasnt been  featured here;  anyway I figured it must be because he is an introvert.   So I grabbed my bag of questions and ‘accidentally’  ran into him. 


   Aladegbaye Emmanuel who would love to be an international diplomat(because of his cool suave and his charming persona) is inspired by the stories other people tell of themselves. 
Our stunner attended a constellation of private (toosh)montessori schools from de’jewels international school (for primary education) and to British international school then finally Redemmers High School
   Well much to my displeasure and I’m sure to other ladies’ he has a girlfriend! (I know!! :'(:'()but he refused to tell us more about her only that she isn’t in unilag. When asked if he has any crushed he said yes!  In fact he has a lot of crushes including me!!!  Imagine my grin when he said that. 


    He loves Dr. Odusote and his  favorite coursesp are contract, commercial Transaction(cute and brainy😍). He would love to be an intellectual Property lawyer in the future.  He says he could be clumsy at times mostly in public but I’m sure his clumsiness is cute 
  His star Crush is Alicia Keys and Janelle Monique. His best buds are Dire, Raymond,walley, obi, tobi, Michael. 
   When asked on what he thinks about the blog in his sexy British accent he said ‘well I think it’s very very cool and I love what they do’.  


IMG 20160123 WA0013  Oreoluwa Akinosi is a writer of the class of “18. She prefers the world her pen creates to the real world, and would live in it were that possible. She likes pink fingernails and talking about other people.


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