A Rant About How tired I Am

Sharon Onyinye Abraham's blog


I’m tired
Tired of the struggle to meet up.
I’m tired of second guessing myself.
Tired of asking if my poetry is good enough.
Tired of struggling to be noticed
To be seen as more than a face.
I’m tired of searching for fancy words that make me sound smart. Waiting patiently for a compliment as a dog waits by the master’s table .
I’m tired of watching the world do better while i struggle to escape my lavish pity party.
I am simply tired, tired of struggling to feel like I’m growing.
Growth shouldn’t be a struggle. It should come to you and you accept it with grace.
I’m tired of wanting to do more but not knowing what to do.
I’m tired of trying to make other people happy. I’m tired of people making demands of me that they do not make of themselves.
I’m tired of being…

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