An Epistola to the General – By Oreoluwa Bello

Good day Mr president and others in the protocol. You are duly observed. 
  It is no longer a new thing that the Nigeria we see today is a product of the flexations of British imperialist muscles ;what awolowo called a “mere geographical expression” and what Balewa called a’ paperwork ‘. A conglomeration of heterogeneous parts, Nigeria has gone through rough edges in her quest for self identity ;along which some fundamental problems have surfaced the solutions to which are to be treated therein. 

  To begin with, dear sir, that to preserve a milk we better leave it in the cow, the explorations going on in Nigeria have to be harnessed and made utilized within the economy. Economic concentration is a gospel that will be extensively preached, under which purposeful implementation rather than initiation has been the bane in recent years. 
On security, Nigeria needs to increase fairly its defence budget to meet up the upkeep of the law enforcements and the army to maintain internal peace and ward off territorial aggressive elements. What the Boko Haram insurgence has brought to light is the starvation in intelligence of the military. Military equipment and intelligence training have to be advocated and developed. Defence budgets that have always been embezzled or rather misappropriated should be monitored and increased  at least that is what all advanced countries do to standardize their forces. For analysis, the US spends over 30%of her budget on defence while Europe spends less than 13%on defence. When France tried to put more on nuclear weaponry in the 80s Britain’s cry for foul play was deafening. Germany Europe’s once tug state is currently pinioned on the arms development. Consequences of these are not farfetched the US can take more unilateral  action than the whole Europe who preach unilateral actions,this lax showed itself in the Kosovo war against Slobodan milosevich of Serbia… Mr president, wemoney need to put our money where our mouth is
On infrastructure, Nigeria needs a master plan . I suggest a commission of town planners to plan our 923769squre mile and bring up a standard cosmopolitan – metropolitan structures in all states of the federation. Rural to urban migration can reduce when the standard of infrastructure has positively influenced standard of living ultimately checking brain drain resultantly culminating in equal development everywhere in the country. Another analogy is made to the US, where each state underwent it’s own city building plan, States like Michigan, Tennessee are examples. 
On science and technology, research spendings have to be increased. Nigeria needs industries that produce heavy machineries. The brain power is not the fault here. It really does not take long to re orientate the technical education being taught at tertiary institutions. We need to start producing industrial implements and dabble into the science of understanding unlike the science which our western brothers initiated which is to – subdue nature. The straussian concept of contemporary modernity is a political thought we can adopt. It goes with the conservative nature of our society. 
Manpower development will be addressed by the deliberate policy to sort and breed talented and qualified individuals from the grassroots. Research Institutions should be established and directly funded under the aegis of the government with the aim of perfect fusion of educational output into those sectors. 
  On education, we need funding for the existing institutions. The educational atmosphere of some campuses have proven that truly learning process there will be thwarted. A suggestion is the a state a university policy. This will reduce overpopulation in some schools. 
On social revampation and corruption ;a social reform is what is needed. Our society is oryhodoxical and to that line we must reface the entertainment industry in the analogy of China and vomit the western culture we swallowed hook line and sinker. The hearts of the young is the alluvial of the history of any society. Hedonism has to be painted in its true light for all to see though this will be a little giving towards stoicism or a little  socialist in form but the duty of building a Nigeria with no prototype is one of the intellect having in mind the true social heritage that has maintained the society till today. 
In conclusion, to make Nigeria move forward, you need to concentrate on your plans for transitional development as there is no transformation without transition. Party politics has to be downbeaten and corrupt officials have to be administered with a radical means perhaps capital punishment. I believe if these few suggestions however vague are considered,Nigeria will regain it’s place in the community of nations. 
               Yours faithfully, 
           O. B

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