30 Jan

Hey guys! So I’ve got good news for (well for those who don’t already know) all data lovers with mtk devices which include tecno, infinix, Huawei, gionee and so on. You can now subscribe for a blackberry plan as low as 3g for 1k, and use it extensively on your MediaTek (mtk) android device! I’ve been using this for a while now so I hardly lack internet access in the absence of a wireless network.

To enjoy this awoof, all you have to do is change the imei of your smartphone and change your network APN (Access Point Name) to that of a blackberry .  It’s that simple.

Let’s get started.



–          In case it doesn’t work and you want to change your imei number back to default, you will find the default imei number at the back of the phone after removing your battery. Then follow these instructions to change it back.

–          Your phone can get bricked if you don’t follow the instructions properly as this is at your own risk.


1.       Download BBGEN IMEI GENERATOR on Google play store.

2.       Download MTK ENGINEERING MODE on Google play store or just dial *#*#3646633#*#*

3.       A Glo sim permanently placed in the second sim slot of the phone.

4.       Make sure your device is an mtk android device (confirm on Google) like Tecno, Infinix and so on.


Steps to follow carefully

·         Open the bbgen app and click on generate bb imei.

·         Write down the 15 numbers that would be displayed.

·         Close the application.

·         Open Mtk engineering mode

·         Click on ”MTK SETTINGS”

·         Swipe the screen to the next option (connectivity)

·         Under connectivity, click on “CDS INFORMATION”

·         Click on “RADIO INFORMATION”

·         Click on “phone 2”

·         At the box with ”AT+” , type “EGMR=1,10,” so it looks like thisAT+EGMR=1,10,”

·         Following  the (“) after the (10,) put in the 15 numbers generated by the bbgen

·         Then put a “  after the numbers so it looks likeA+EGMR=1,10,”***************”

·         Then click “send AT command”

·         Reboot your phone after this

·         Dial *#06# to check if the imei number has been changed.

The next step after this is to change the network settings.


1.       Go to your phone settings

2.       Choose mobile networks

3.       Go to access point names

4.       Select “New APN” in options

5.       Change the following settings

–          Name : blackberry

–          Apn:

–          Apn type: choose “default” and “supl”

6.       Leave the other options as they were

7.       Reboot your phone, put on your data connection.

( you can dial *100*10*1# after your phone comes on to get N2000 worth of free credit to call any network as soon as you load the N1000 recharge card)

Now recharge your phone with a thousand naira and dial *777*21#

You should receive a message informing you of subscribing to bbmonthly subscription. You can surf the net as you desire after this.

To check your data balance, dial *777*0# or text “status” to 777

I hope this helps and it works for you also.


img1453242514544  Olamide Davis does not talk much but believes her articles speak for her. She encourages her readers to feel free and drop their thoughts.

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