Law Student Fashion 101: Your Dress Guide

   For those having difficulties dressing properly or stylishly and to avoid being streotyped as a choir member (believe me there was a recent argument about some boys looking like depressed husbands and choir masters), this post is for you. For once, I’ll start with the guys.

Ps I’ll just say it like it is in this post so don’t come to me saying a fashion post shouldn’t be written like this.

   Let me start by saying you don’t have to empty your pocket to look nice and you definitely don’t have to shop every outfit on jumia or whatever online store there is but if you can, oh well by all means feel free to.

• Finding the perfect size: Boys your pants (trousers) should fit. Endeavour to find the perfect size, not too big not too tight( please no one wants to see your junk or thighs) and definitely not jumping trousers except you got the whole religion thing going on.

•Don’t feel limited to dressing corporate. Wearing a plain white shirt and black pants with corporate shoes can be so so boring. Try getting accessories to spice up the look.

• Lose Your Tie: I asked and I was told tie wasn’t compulsory. It doesn’t hurt to drop the tie out of the whole ensemble sometimes and open a button or two (and no…The hoe in me is not interested in staring at your chest).

• Expand Your Footwear Collection: You don’t have to be corporate Monday to Friday. A simple change in footwear could do the trick. Try getting sneakers and other nice footwears like brogues.

• Use Suspenders if you want

• Leave The Choir Master Thing For Church: (Warris wrong with you boys ehn dressing like you going to church) Please keep in mind that Monday to Friday is for school, endeavour to come to school looking as dapper as you can be. We all have our off days (where we don’t feel like dressing well or looking fine) but please try. By accessories, I mean get a nice wristwatch, bracelets and belt or whatever you boys wear.

  On that note I move to the ladies (no qualms in this area, the girls in the faculty are pretty stylish).

• Wear the right fit: Be it your shirt or skirt, get your perfect size, not too big not too small and definitely not too tight. 

• Accessorise: Using accessories goes a long way in spicing up your entire look. Keep it minimal though.

• Don’t be limited to A plain White Shirt and black skirt. Keep ur eyes open for the stylish white tops and skirts especially. Try fringe, slits and cut outs basically whatever suits you.

For more check my personal blog and feel free to follow me on instagram @makeupbyziza and twitter @styledbyziza .

IMG 20160106 WA0053 1  Mayowa Folami (mostly called Ziza), is a quirky fashion Blogger and entrepreneur. She is a Fashion contributor for Jumia fashion and Genevieve magazine. Her personal blog is , and you can follow her on instagram
@makeupbyziza and twitter @styledbyziza. Mayowa is the Principal Fashion editor of the Blog.

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