Nigeria, as a country, is faced with many problems. With corruption at the peak, insecurity follows. At intervals, we are enraptured with one ridiculous piece news or the other. The latest political fascination to have enraptured the polity is the revelation that the 2016 budget of the Federal government got missing or had been faked. The budget which was presented by the president to the joint session of the National Assembly, on the 22nd day of December, before the end of year yuletide break reportedly grew legs (maybe wings too) in the Senate bureaucracy.
I became curious. I pondered on this ‘mystery’ for a while, then, I sampled various opinions by different students of the faculty.
Some students were indifferent and had “nothing to say.” Others, however, had “something to say,” and they voiced their stance on this issue:

”I think it’s an act of corruption. Some political leaders trying to amass wealth indiscriminately, embezzling public funds, and they must face the law. Such varicious leaders… in fact, should be flogged!” –Christian Umeh, 200level.
“They’re just being mischievous, it doesn’t sound genuine. I believe it is just a political trick.” –Bolu Olakanmi, 400level.
“I think it is a media hoax and just hilarious. It’s strange and unheard of for any government to lose a budget.” –Laylo, 500level.
“I don’t think the budget is missing. I felt after the Federal Government’s meeting with the IMF, our expenditures were deemed too high, so the government had to amend it, thereby withdrawing the budget for amendment. No budget is missing. How can you tell me that a budget is missing?”  -Akindele Olabode, 200level.
“First of all, it’s very funny, it’s unheard of and I think it’s a way of diverting people from relevant issues.” –Bambito, 300level.
“This is probably silly. It’s virtually not a game or something. It’s political madness.” –Chineye Uzodinma, 200level
“The government is faced with the responsibility of handling public funds kept in their trust. Besides, it should be noted that ‘there is no such thing as government money.’ Thus, the government should be blamed for any irresponsibility in handling the budget.” –Ibukun Oyewunmi, 300level.
“I just think it’s silly. It’s a disappointment.” –Ajisafe Temitayo, 200level.
“Something is definitely amiss somewhere.” –Dan Olika, 400level.
From the above opinions, it can be deciphered that we are beginning to lose hope in the political leadership of the country. In fact, some have decided to ‘disconnect’ from whatever is going on at the national front, and resort to apathy. We therefore urge the Senate not to leave any stone unturned in its effort to unearth the circumstances that led to the ‘disappearance’ of the budget, and to what purpose. And if really, there is no missing budget, perhaps what should be asked now is the motive behind the obvious lie.
Those directly involved in this saga should be made to account for their actions, instead of putting Nigeria in a worse light in the international community, than it already is. The problems are many enough. They need to stop making Nigeria look like some country lacking competence, unable to make sane and rational decisions, or worse still, a cognitively impaired country. We’ve had enough.

IMG 20160120 WA0001  Taiwo Famakinde is a member of the Law class of ’19. She is a fun loving writer who likes to conduct interviews and vox pops (sampling people’s opinions on a particular issue). She enjoys reading, music and travelling.


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