She walks like a cat, her soles never touching the ground
Her steps are swift and unconcealed
Beautiful in her prime, food for the eyes
she’s always everyone’s choice
the queen of the yard.

       Beya a young lady. A beautiful young lady with the poise of a queen. No wonder the yard boys gave her the title “queen of the yard”. She was always alone, cold like ice cream in a cone. She never smiled not even for a while. Everyone wondered why. Beya never said a line.

Bayu, a young man in his prime always committed a crime, the crime of stealing the Ladies’ hearts. He vowed to win Beya’s heart for whatever it costs. He would knock on Beya’s door expecting a call from within, Beya never said anything. He would approach her whenever he saw her in the yard, she always kept mute. Bayu thought and conceieved a plan. ‘I’ll sneak into her hut and startle her, she’ll scream at the sight of me and then i’ll know if she’s truly dumb’, he thought to himself.
Early in the morning while Beya was out . Bayu found his way into Bayu’s hut through her window. He found a comfortable spot to lie and he awaited her return. Beya returned home and fastened the door behind her. She heard a sound but she chose to ignore it. Soon she heard it again and this time she turned and saw a dark figure emerge from the space behind her. Beya screamed and was frightened. Bayu then came into the light and said “so you can speak”. Beya was so agitated she replied “of course”. Bayu passed out. It appeared that our queen of the yard had a little secret after all. She had terrible breath!

IMG 20151124 WA0016  Tolulope Olayiwola is a member of the class of ’19. She is a passionate photographer and the present public relations officer 2 of the Gani Students’ chambers.


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