She is from Law class of ’17
She is from Ondo State
She is very gentle and smart


Ok, she is very beautiful(infact, a wife
material), just like her mum. She was
happy to be chosen as the Student of the
Week and she took her time to answer
her questions very intelligently.

Infact, she did not hesitate to share her
pictures, her mum’s picture and her
cherished Taslim Elias Chamber’s logo
with us.


You can’t just afford to miss reading this
By the way, she is single.
Please, tell us about yourself
My name is Adeboyin Adebisi. I am the
first child out of four children in a
familly of six(no wonder she is so
I was born in Lagos State and I like
reading,listening to music and gisting.
Why did you decide to study law?
I have always wanted to study law
(hmmm…I was never like that)
I dont know why but my mum told me
that she and my dad planted the idea in
me(surprising! Which trick is behind
Interesting!  How possible is that?
They started calling me a “chief judge
right from when I was a child(I call this
“Adebisism theory “)
Ok, A word or two for your parents
Having good parents is a pivotal ground
for greatness in any child and Im not an
Thank you for training me rightly
A word or two for your mum(u need not
say this is “bias”)

My mum is very exceptional,patient and
really nice and I wish to be like her when
I have my kids,…a better one.
(hmmm… mum must be very special)
Thank you mum


But do you have any intention of
becoming a judge?
Well,I have always wanted that, to be in
the civil service. But now, I want to be in
a place that challenges me to be the
best and not just comfortable. I am still
praying about it though.
Have you held any position in the faculty
before and are you currently holding any
I am the immediate past Secretary
General of TEC(Taslim Elias Chamber) ,
the current Head of TEC and a member
of the blog comittee(very impressive)
Are you interested in any future post in
the faculty?
No.I want to chill in year 5(happy
Tell us how your experience has been as
the HOC of TEC
It’s been amazing. I have learnt to
relate with people and to take wise
decisions .
How are you able to balance your
leadership role with your studies?

It’s been a learning process with so
many curves. I have a TO DO list where I
basically set aside time for classes,
reading and TEC(very wise of you)
Tell us about TEC
TEC is one chamber everyone needs to
join(she smiled) .
I’m not bragging. It challenges you to
break out of the norm. Our past and
present members are testimonies of this.
We believe the status quo is just a
temporary state of being and we want to
help write a future that ought to be .
This semester,the king of all oratory
competitions will hold:MANIFESTO 3.0(Im
hearing this wonderful comments for the
first time)
This friday, we will be having a talk on
Who are your besties in the faculty?
Kehinde Takuro,Bolu,
Awolesi,Ernest,Virginia,Eunice,Tayo and
many more. If I didn’t mention your
name,it does not change the fact that
you are my friend
Is your boy friend in the faculty?(just for
those who have been waiting for this…..)
No, I’m single(ok, you can go ahead and
approach her)
Hmmm,do you have a crush on anybody
in the faculty?
Yes, he is in year 5(she is blushing….but
she won’t tell us this guy)
Where do you see yourself in the next
five years?
A lawyer making a difference and
striving to become greater
When was your happiest and worst
My happiest moment was when I crossed
over from DIPLOMA II program to the
LLB program
.and when I became the HOC of TEC
My worst moment was when I almost
lost my parents(Ah! Thank God you
A word for the readers
Impossibility does not exist. It’s all in the
Thank you Miss Boyin.





  Ikeoluwa Adetona is a prolific writer and a very inquisitive reader. A member of the class of “18, she is presently the welfare secretary of the Federation of Oyo State Student Union” (2014/15).
She lives in Oyo State.


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