I honestly do not know what to say when it comes to OLUWATOBI OLOWOKURE AKA TOBOLOS. He is completely amaaaazing. He is the secretary General of the law students society, co founder of THE MICROPHONE (Best public speaking classes in unilag) , assistant striker of his class football team and so on. He was currently nominated 8th most eligible bachelor in the whole faculty!!!. On this week’s edition of stunner of the week Tobi opens up on his busy, love life plus his future LSS ambition. Enjoy!


Me: State your name for the record(I really wanted to sound cool)
Me: Tell us about your family background
Tobi: I am part British and Part Nigerian
Me: *cuts in* must you always say that thing
Tobi: you said my family background na*sho!* (laughs) anyway err and it is because of this that my Yoruba is not the best. My family comes from osun, ijebu-ijesha to be precise. We are a family of six, four children, one boy, three girls and I am the only boy and the first born and my mum is from Lagos.
Me: why Law?
TOBI: Well I had a problem with every other single occupation. Engineering (I don’t like maths) Medicine (I don’t like blood) Architecture (I cannot draw) every single occupation I had a problem with it sha so law was like my only possible choice. And again some people are telling me that I’m smart so I just said lemme do law.
Me: so you think you are smart
Tobi: nooo I said some people are telling me that I am smart don’t put me in trouble oo
Me: So what’s your best food
Tobi: I love pastries generally like well made pastries that’s why I love pizza, doughnuts and stuff like that
Me: Best friends?
Tobi: well I don’t have errr how will I put this. I have a lot of friends so I can’t really say I’ll place any friend above another one and my friends span from year1 to year5 so i don’t exactly have any best friends per se but I have people I respect a lot
Me: can you mention their names
Tobi: I respect Jones Ayuwo, Samba, Rahman, Dolapo Olusesi, Bernard, Bidemi Paramole, Wale Langa, Ken ,Turayo and Ibrahim.


Me: so there isn’t that one special friend you can mention?
Tobi: hmmm Ibrahim Mohammed
Me: Do you have a crush on anybody
Tobi: hmmm I have a lot of crushes. Plenty plenty crushes
Me: give us a name at least na
Tobi: hmm Olamide Abe and Ore burger
Me: so how do you handle attention from ladies being a mic man and the secretary general of LSS
Tobi: I actually don’t get a lot of attention from them. Most of them just ask me for tutorials and help with their assignment and help with public speaking just that kind of stuff really. And since I am a man of service, I always serve them at any point in time. I am not a fine boy(liar) so i don’t get that much attention from them
Me: so have you ever had any awkward moment with any girl?
Tobi: like I said earlier I have three sisters and i love my mother very much so I try as much as possible to respect ladies they respect me too
Me: how do you cope being the sec gen of LSS and co- owning the ‘MICROPHONE’
Tobi: I’m the sec gen of LSS and the co founder of THE MICROPHONE and I’m a very active member of NMUN and the Mooting society and I’m a part of my class football team and so on. There are so many things that I do and this year I’m doing Land LAW and Equity. In fact a lot of people who have seen me this year always say I look tired and my eyes are like this and my eyes are like that but then I think that my eyes need to look like that because everybody has 24 hrs in a day and what you do in those 24 hrs is your business but so far as I do something IT MUST BE THE BEST! Not that it must be good oo…it must be the BEST, so I’ll be the best at every single thing I do although it may strain my body and mind to death and cost me girlfriends but I will be the best.
Me- hmmm…so you don’t have a girlfriend?
Tobi- AH!!! I didn’t hear that question well
Me- c’mon naa
Tobi- AH!!! Girlfriend ke!
Me- no oo boyfriend talk jur
Tobi- *scratches head*AH!!! hehehe
Me- okay but we heard that there is a thing going on between you and a certain fmr MVP
Tobi:*laughs* well she is one of the most important people in my life in that she helps me so much. I would never be able to equate how much she has helped me whether it’s spiritually, financially, emotionally…everything you can possibly think of. She is somebody that I would never want to lose per se ever. So she and I are very close


Me: what should we expect from you as sec gen
Tobi: as sec gen i have a lot of plans. First of all the LSS is going to be the most efficient, organised you’ve ever seen it. We are going to have everything working in sync and you’ll see that there’s a level of maturity and finesse
Me- what should we expect from you as the ‘mic man’
Tobi- as a mic man you can expect that because of Jones Ayuwo and I, a lot of people in the faculty will have a magnanimous boost in confidence and also nobody will be able to say ‘my public speaking is poor’ again.
Me- where do you see yourself in the next 10 years
Tobi-in the next 10 years I hope to be a partner in a law firm and I don’t know whether it would be in Nigeria or abroad
Me-*cuts in* so you want to practise law
Tobi- of course I want to, but I’ve not yet decided whether I’ll be a proper lawyer that goes to court or whether I’ll just be in the office going through contracts…but I’ll definitely do something with my law degree
Me: do you have any celebrity crush(es)
Tobi: please make it clear that I’m not gay but i only have crushes on male celebrities. Not because of their looks o! I have a huge ridiculous crush on Eminem also on Giroud, David Becham, Ozil, Theirry Henry and also a lot of politicians actually, Donald Trump lately
Me- So there’s a rumour that you might be interested in the office of the LSS President
Tobi: hmmm how will I put this…the time for electioneering, campaigning from my rough calculation is like 4 or 5 months away so for anybody to say that they are definitely going to do something in the next 5 months is a bit dangerous in my own opinion but what I can definitely say is that when the time for… lemme say this there is nobody that loves the LSS more than me. I can say it any day anytime nobody loves the LSS more than me and because nobody loves the LSS more than me I can never be quiet so when the time for the next LSS election comes whoever is going that in my own opinion is the best candidate I will shout on top of mountains and roofs to make sure that that person becomes president. I will talk to every human being to make sure that that person becomes LSS president
Me: so you are saying you are going to support whoever is going to run but you won’t run?
Tobi: I’m not saying I will not run and at the same time…look I’m not saying I will not run I’m just telling you that when that time comes whoever is running that is the best and whoever I am telling you to vote for is the person that is the best candidate. When the time for the campaigning starts whoever I am telling you to vote for is the best candidate.
Me- best experiences
Tobi: hmm most of the best experiences I’ve had isn’t something that would freak someone else for example just meeting people and becoming friends with people because I’m someone that takes friendship seriously.
Me: any embarrassing moments?
Tobi- hmmmmm I don’t think I’ve ever had any embarrassing moments. But i think that when my class lost during the LSS games I wanted the ground to swallow me. I wanted to die!


Me: what do you think of the blog
Tobi: I think the blog has so much to offer and I think the blog is very powerful. I envision the blog getting to a place where it can actually influence the faculty not just informing and entertaining but I think it can actually get to the point where it influences.
Me : you were recently nominated as the 8th most eligible bachelor in the whole of the faculty! How do you feel about that?
Tobi: I was err… i never experereit so I don’t even understand. And even, in my caption they just said TOBI OLOWOKURE. Me I don’t understand oo.





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IMG 20160123 WA0013  Oreoluwa Akinosi is a writer of the class of “18. She prefers the world her pen creates to the real world, and would live in it were that possible. She likes pink fingernails and talking about other people.


  1. Shaking my head seriously!!! Tobi we need to talk. I mean what’s this nonsense about “male crush??”. LOL Nice post anyway. Keep it up.


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