As I sat down to read my Obilade, something that hurts me each day just came up like “The Accuser”, and I lost focus.
Okay..where do I start? I won’t be able to read without letting this thing off my mind, so I picked my pen and ‘scribbled’ thus ;

It was not a coincidence……
We saw it… We did..
A light put of the dark… Aha!
That illumination
Brightening the dark corners of our lives
We saw it… Together, we saw it
It was not a coincidence
Trying to figure out why it was so
Under the light of the moon so cold
A sky so dark…. The illumination
It was planned… And done so well by your stars and mine
Those stars, sparkling in the moonlight
Stars begging for a shade for us
Nature was our originator
Nature also is our final destination
Nature decided to end our lives like the friendly assassin
If it was a coincidence
I would have…
No! It wasn’t a coincidence
Bitterness started our lives like the Mike in Tyson
Yet, we expect the sweetness of the cake icing
I got off my own self with myself
Going an extra mile for a journey worth the while.. *******************************
I’ve found you, like the missing chicken bile
Out of my life, you go
Never to return
No more, never!

But you’re a part of me
My existence and being
I’m stuck with you in a “for better, for worse”
I love you, I hate you, mixed feelings of course
I’m done.

I honestly cannot explain what prompted this piece.. But somewhere in my heart, I know this is referring to Law. I’m stuck with it forever, tho… Writing in simple English makes it more fun.

Pick a pen today and let your frustrations away! 

IMG 20160119 154355 Alajogun Ayomide Arinola. Law Class of ’19. She loves to hang out and write, and particularly enjoys writing non-fictional poems and true life events. She loves people!


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