Once upon a law student?
I’ll have you guys know that I didn’t choose this title for my journal. So if you think its terrible, blame me not. But, if you think its cool then I’ll accept the praise 😀
Before I officially start journal(ling?), I’ll just put down what to expect from this little corner I own on the LSS blog.

Once upon a law student is basically going to be about me. Its not going to be exaaaccttllyy me but, I am the star of this journal. There will definitely be a little bit of spice to make it more attractive, since everyone who knows me knows I am a boring introvert who would rather watch movies at home in sweats than go to the cinemas with friends to go see one. smh.
Its going to be filled with my experiences, imaginations, all of my weirdness and total drama. Its going to be about a law student who struggles with a lot of things- socialising, making good grades and stuff.
Once upon a law student is going to be a little bit of everything because I cannot be constrained…………. Did you see that? ‘I cannot be constrained’—– totally awesome line.
So you might be wondering, ‘Who exactly is this girl? What makes her think I would want to spend my time reading her journal?’ While I can’t give you a satisfactory answer I will tell you that I am NOT the average law student. At all. Average is boring, don’t you think? I think I am……. iono………wait………….. I really don’t know *smh* but I really hope to find out soon. I’m a mystery to even myself.

Please who’s with me……… I’m going to become a Belieber. Ok no. That name is too yucky. But Justin Bieber’s latest album is just sick! I don’t even know which of the songs I love more, I think its ‘Sorry’ tho. But some of his videos are still crappy smh.

Back to my journal. I think the perfect way for me to kick this off is by answering the question asked at the ‘King of Chambers’ first meeting (y’all know this is true. TEC is the place to be unowahamsayin). The question was
‘As a Law student, what could make you not practice law? And if you were not studying law, what would you be studying?’
Deolu’s answer was sports-branding.
Our LSS President said business or yahoo-yahoo (hmmmmm……..?)
Some unknown person Two unknown persons said she they would love to be a cook/chef cooks/chefs.
Since the girl behind these words is terribly shy and suffers from Acute Stage Fright, she couldn’t speak when everyone else was because her heart kept pounding (no wayy sista!). smh.
Personally, I am very creative, I love to make and remake things………. I’m like the DIY Queen. I hope to have a place where I can just indulge myself. People can come in and order a cake and customize it themselves (ice it). People can come in and see how their favorite things are made. I love to make beads so that too……… just a place where I can be me and not be shy (and make money from it of course!). Basically a learning center sha. Another big interest of mine is hair. I hope to have a hair store. Not the Iya Basira place you make your hair oo. (you know what I’m talking about. The place where the old woman making your hair would shove your head between her laps……. and this is an euphemism!) It would be a place people could go to have their hair analyzed and get advice on how to care for it and style it and not depend on weaves…. sure weaves are cool for protecting your hair and getting it out of your face once in a while, but it shouldn’t be a necessity. We should be able to go out without looking like the undead.
Now, if I wasn’t studying law, and I could go back to SS 1, before I chose the arts, I would probably be an architect. But trust me, I saw that my future with Physics wasn’t bright so I fled, as a sharp Yoruba girl. That was my least favorite part of Intro-Tech.
So that’s my answer, and the Lexicon team would love to know what your answer would be. Carpenter, Mechanic, Bricklayer, Vulcanizer….? No one will judge…… Except me, and the Lexicon team, and probably everyone who reads your answer 😀

P.S. Please I am begging you…………. If anyone knows Falz ehn, please help a sister out. Introduce me to him. If you know him and you refuse to help me…… Hmm….. God is watching you in 3D. (Very good Tee, show your desperation to the world *smh*)

IMG 20150511 102003 Tomiwa Adebanjo of the class of “18, is a versatile young lady; an avid reader with a flair for the dramatics. A hopeless romantic and a believer in the supernatural, she can usually be found munching on a bag of chips with her nose buried in a book (usually not related to law).


  1. well, you succeeded in being a pointless writer. and what’s with the naughty usage of smh? no destination. no assertion. you’re just everywhere like a brotheless prostitute.


  2. Lmao…. Sam tho
    Well I guess if you read her bio, you can tell that she’s not out to impress you with politics and boring stuff….. If you couldn’t find anything nice about her writeup then sorry for you o… Take life easy.
    Good job Tee….. Looking forward to your next post


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