Things I learnt in 2015

Appreciate the depth thereof

Pen Nation

This might be coming a bit late, considering that this is already the second month of 2015. But you know what they say, ‘better late than never.’ Though never late is better. One of the things I learnt last year.
Just kidding. I learnt that a long time ago. 🙂

So I learnt myriads of things this year. And had a host of experiences. Some things I learnt anew, others I knew already were reinforced. But I didn’t just learn for all life is addition and subtraction and Life the great mathmatician took some things away too. My solid belief in some things were shaken.

Chief amongst the things I experienced was love. It is a confusing emotion to say the least. See my poem Crush for more on love. It can leave you with dual sensations. Blood rushing through your skull, and a fierce pounding in your chest that…

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