It starts with a feeling, 
We open ourselves to believing,
Soo many things we begin embracing,
Instead of simply just fleeing.

With rapid-fire conversation, 
We begin to dream above our station,
And all this is the causation, 
Of a misguided assumption.

As we go through each and every heartbreak, 
We begin to wonder just how much we can take, 
We ignore how much our hearts ache,
To avoid making other mistakes.

We ask ourselves, ‘If we fall, will we leave, standing tall’?
Or will this be another scrawl, 
On the heartbreak wall?

And with this, the damage is done, 
We wrap ourselves up and don,
An indifferent mask of one, 
Whose feelings, nothing, can stun.

But it is all conscientiousness,
For truly, we feel defenseless, 
Like one, walking through the maze of Dedalus,
Our feelings confuse us,
And render our faculties, nebulous.

We become, the proverbial killers,
For as long as our feelings fester, Love becomes our personal molester,
Killing each and every ability to muster, 

Pelumi Adigun…for the blog


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