The Degenerate State Of The Law Students’ Lounge

Hi. I’m Oluwamayowa Akinyemi of the class of ’18. I’m writing this on behalf of a host of other pained law students who have been affected somehow by what our lounge has turned into. I don’t intend to dwell too much on this, so I’ll just say a few words. In my opinion, this lounge has become a shadow of itself; it’s now a total caricature of what I knew it to be.
This place used to be the pride of the average law student. I even joked with my friends that one’s popularity in the faculty depended on how often you were at the lounge. But now, it’s different. I can’t even bring babe to that place because it’s almost always dirty. Empty food packs, and bottles litter the place, but I doubt anything sucks more than the water that leaks from every crevice of the ceiling, I mean, it’s appalling. This had been on for a while, but between last semester and now, there’s been an avalanche of the condition of that lounge. I was not opportuned to visit the lounge during the holiday break, but I heard from those who came that the sight, and stench of the lounge were puke-worthy. And I learned recently that it’s toilet water!!!!! What the hell?? There’s no safe haven in the lower lounge because toilet water is dripping all over. And food is being sold there! And it’s not better with this new Upper lounge business that is for official use only. Little wonder the Cafe Sovereign is crammed with people everyday, because it’s conducive there. I wonder where all that 6k is going?! Anyways, without “para-ing” any further, on behalf of the other students of this highly esteemed faculty, I appeal to the LSS to find a solution to this appalling situation ASAP. Those buckets and other receptacles will only contain the leakage, but the leakage won’t stop unless and until proper plumbing work is done. Thank you.

Oluwamayowa Akinyemi, for the blog.

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  1. Dear Mayowa, I assure you that the Law Students Society especially the welfare secretary is not blind to this state of the lounge. On the most important issue which is the dripping water, several letters have been written to the Dean and the Faculty. The plumber has come a couple of times and whilst the dripping has subsided, it has not stopped totally. We promise to continue to lay our complaints as that is the only thing we can do.
    Furthermore, as regards the issue if dirt, it is these same “prestigious law students” that litter the lounge. We can only appeal to you to make use of the many waste baskets that have been provided within and outside the lounge. Many people eat and leave their dirt on the tables or floors and many atimes, Lss executives come to pick up the trash and dispose of them. We also got people to clean up the stagnant water in the air conditioning system and that has eradicated the foul smell. I asure you that the Resurgence team is not here to joke.
    Thank you for your comment.
    #Resurgence Publicity


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