Some live in mansions and castles

The greater number lives in huts and under bridges
While some are in paradise of Victoria Island

Many are struggling for a spot to lay their heads

In the ghettos of Ajegunle and Ikorodu

Any yet, all are in Lagos, and life goes on

Ékó ô ni báje ô – OJOMBO


         The center of Excellence, the center of hopes and dreams, the home of all tribes, the unselfish one, the city that never sleeps, Lagos. For many, the city of Lagos is a perfect illustration of the saying “where there is a child, there is a cane/ before making ends meet, there must be some pain”. Whereas for some all they need to do is push the right button and money will come down like a curtain. In this city, called “nobody’s” land you get to meet people from the minutest of tribes, all trying to make a living legally or illegally. It’s quite ironic that Lagos is the smallest yet most populous state, no wonder there’s always traffic.


                  Lagos the land of dreams and hope, no wonder tens and hundreds of people leave their rural settlements for this urban area. A city where a little dishonesty doesn’t hurt(we are all trying to make ends meet after all). A city where it’s very normal to leave your workplace by 4 and get home by 8 due to traffic, you’re not even guaranteed of a good night rest because your neighbors child is sick or a church is holding its vigil. A city where you live like you have three lives due to the conditions you go through.
                Have you ever witnessed a typical Monday morning in Lagos? The hustle, the movement of people in sporadic steps, the long queues, the limited number of buses and inflated transport fares. Have you ever entered a bus in Lagos before? You’ll have to beg the conductor to give you your change and to remember your bus stop. Have you even been in Lagos traffic before? There’s nothing you can’t get in Lagos traffic, even vegetables and fish! Have you even been to a Lagos market before? You’ll see tens of people selling the same wares, trying to get customers, through pulling of tops and pulling of skirts to patronize them first.

              Lagos, a beauty at night, sight for sore eyes! Though we all have to hustle and bustle, Lagos is a place of fun too. After a long day at work or even a long week of work, Friday nights in Lagos are the best times to chill and reflect in different places of your choice. It doesn’t matter how much you have, as long as you’re ready, Lagos is ready!







IMG 20151124 WA0016  Tolulope Olayiwola is a member of the class of ’19. She is a passionate photographer and the present public relations officer 2 of the Gani Students’ chambers.


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