You participated? I envy you! You didn’t? I’m sorry for you, you missed a lot.
There were four classes organised, as you all heard. As for me, I heard but I was present only at the Graphics and Designs Class. Sincerely, it was fun. I should really inform you that the 1,500 paid didn’t waste. The programme held for 3 hours on each of the 3 days and refreshments were served. Normally, I shouldn’t be telling you what some people paid 1,500 for. But because it’s my job, I will.
Now, here’s what my team has to say about the Law Empowerment Scheme.
The most anticipated first LSS event of the year, under the able administration of the #ResurgenceTeam, which is the Law Empowerment Programme, kicked off today at 3pm with a lot of activities, I mean so so many activities I didn’t even know which to be at. Anyway sha, as aproko would have it, I went everywhere. Everyone who obtained the form for the programme converged at FLT before being allocated different venues for their classes. You’re wondering what skills there were to learn? There was the dance class, the makeup and gele class, the graphics design class and the bag making class.
I thought they were still going to do mini introduction on the first day, I was shocked to see everyone get to work. It was amazing to see those flexible bodies do the dance. The makeup class started with the brows drawing made easy. The bag making class started with making a purse. All the classes bubbled with activities.
It’s too late to ask you to get your form, but I tell you, if you didn’t get the form, you’ve missed a lot. It’s Law Empowerment Programme, 2016! The feeling continued from Thursday till Saturday.
Alajogun Ayomide Arinola

One of the anticipated programs in the faculty finally premiered the Law Empowerment scheme! The resurgence team has taken it upon themselves to ‘resurge’ this brilliant idea that started during the last administration.
The class was to begin at 3 on the first day but you all know, due to African time and what we call ‘circumstances ‘ the class started at 3.30. The person that handled the bag making class is the owner of the devices collections – Mayowa Tosin Lawal. She was a student at our very own faculty. She was also present for the last law empowerment scheme where she handled the same classes she is handling now. You can see not of her work on Facebook (Devivre Collections), Twitter and Instagram (@devivrecollectn)
The turn up was fantastic. More than 10 people showed up ready to learn and participate. The first class centred on the creation of a clutch purse. She started from scratch using things like cardboard and velvet material although our best friend today was top gum! We used it for EVERYTHING.  All in all, it was fantastic and we were all allowed to participate. I personally learned a lot from the classes.
A cumulative picture list would be revealed at the end. Anticipate!
After two days in this class I was already feeling like a pro. I felt I could make any bag at any time. We had succeeded in making three bags already with as little faults as were manageable and we were eager to see what she had in store for us on day three.
For the third day, we were to make a round bag and a laptop bag. The class began late because of the Lagos marathon and the traffic it caused but no one seemed to mind. We were all too excited. The process started with our usual measurements and cutting. We were divided and each person was involved in at least one aspect of the making of the bags. The simplest seemed to be the bag made on day 2 (the hand bag) because this required more measurements and cutting. The style of the bag also left little room for error. However, we were determined to do it. So we set to work. The round bag was ready before the laptop bag.
The making of these bags involved the use of a material we hadn’t used in class before: Maco. It was strong and although it responded to our best friend (top bond) we couldn’t finish the bags without a sewing machine. Due to this, the bags outer and inner layers were prepared and given to the teacher for her to sew. The finished bags will be portrayed much later.
As a leaving gift, the teacher for this course decided that she would be giving all the bags made during the time of the course to the students   AWESOME!!
Thanks to the Resurgence team and our wonderful Welfare Secretary 
Wuraola Kayode

The Law Empowerment Scheme was indeed an educative one. The make-up section was very interesting, practical and empowering. And just like the tutor prayed “may our skills and resources not be in vain in Jesus Christ name”, the reality of the possibility of the prayer dawned on the students, as the tutor practicalised the teaching by using a lady as an example. She excellently did the make-up. Some of the students’ make up kit were examined, and they were enlightened on what to use, how to use them and what not to use.
You know, we would have told you exactly what the participants were taught but, as you didn’t nao pay 1,500, the information has been withheld.

I was really amazed as I stepped into the class and met people attentively listening to one handsome graphics tutor. I quickly grabbed a seat before someone will ask me for receipt of something I didn’t pay for. Luckily, no one asked me for anything so I, like others, faced the projected screen in MILD Class. There were about 10-15 people seated, including two or three secondary school students. Almost everyone had their laptops and the guy played a video for them and also taught them basics about graphics and designs which so many involved in this business are not aware of. I got there late, but believe me, I learned a lot. So, if you were not there, just start crying. And if you were there, please come and teach me because those things were too technical and seeing that I entered late, I missed a lot.
Isola Bunmi

The sound of the club banger, “Efejoku” welcomed me into the dance class. Well, the curiosity that killed the cat drew me into the upper lounge and I immediately wished I could dance. I watched as flexible bodies moved and hey! Those people were moving like jelly fish. Steps upon steps on how to dance “Efejoku” In a way you can’t imagine were taught. As you know, I can’t really teach you how to dance here… Maybe next year, you’ll buy your forms. But it was a beautiful experience, I must tell you.
Dosunmu Agboola Mubarak

Now that you have heard the gist and seen the pictures, now tell me something… that 1,500 you didn’t pay, what did you use it for? I want to know o because, people, “an opportunity lost can never be regained”. The legal compendium is coming up, be there o, I’m warning you now… ‘halla!’.

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