University of Lagos – My Choice Any Day

By Oluwamayowa Akinyemi
It’s on days like this that I appreciate how wonderful the University of Lagos is. This school provides you with everything thing you need from conducive lecture theatres, to considerate time tables and most importantly hostel accommodation – ah, that’s the major deal.
The school places the comfortable accommodation of it’s students above all else. They’ve been particularly wonderful to us this session. I mean look at it, we were availed the honour of applying for hostel after over a month of resumption? No, we need to give our school credit. Even the Bible encourages it.
I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever be able to appreciate the school authority like they deserve, because they’ve really tried this session. Oh, did I mention how the school authorities shifted the post in the middle of the game concerning the medical students? After they had stipulated criteria for crossing over to Medilag, they now came and upped the ante after collecting so much money.
The issue was so grand, we were locked inside school to feel the impact of such a milestone. Honestly, I celebrate the  current VC on all these  achievements o, in one day?? Indeed we are experiencing good tidings in Unilag. Pastor Adeboye’s prayers are  being answered. Hallelujah somebody!!


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