If you were not in the Mild room today, FEBUARY 13, 2016 by 11am, then I can assure you that you have missed an important training which you will gladly embrace when ever you have another chance to attend it.

This jovial, friendly and intelligent man, in his black fine suit brillianly educated the students on so many legal matters.
He talked on Nigerian Judicial System in general. He educated the students on how cases are filed, what ‘Leave of Court’ means, the physical arrangement of the court, proper attitude in the law court, cross examination and so on.
Even a year 1 student who attended the program can now tell you what is in Section 206 and Section 84 of the Evidence Act. This is just a tip and nothing like a whole.

I am very sure that you will not want to miss this program or anyone like it, ever again. Simply register through your chamber at the LSS office to participate in the Legal Compedium program.



biography  Ikeoluwa Adetona is a prolific writer and a very inquisitive reader. A member of the class of “18, she is presently the welfare secretary of the Federation of Oyo State Student Union” (2014/15).
She lives in Oyo State.

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