#MYUNILAGSTORY – The Worst is Yet to Come

By Alajogun Ayomide

I’ve been feeling sick for a while
Not only me, my friends and I
Been looking for how to take a day of school
Missing one day is going  to be somehow cool
I only have one class on Wednesday
Legal Methods class is boring, the people say
Well, we have an assignment to submit in class
So, you have to go to school, lazy lass
As I don’t want to waste a white
I decide to wear a black dress so tight
So short to the point that half of my thighs were out
With that kind of cloth, I leave my house
Getting to school, I plan to just submit and go
But, my brothers and sisters the story isn’t so
I remain in school till 3 o’clock
Before deciding to leg and walk
Okay, I get to the campus shuttle with my friends
You should know them, Mmesoma, Bambo and Serome
Before remembering my transport fare is with Tolu and the chapel
So, we had to continue walking put MacBook on Apple
So tired and sick, it takes hours to get there
Gisting and laughing, we encouraged our lazy heads
That is how we start to notice traffic congestion
We’re thinking Olamide has arrived at University Junction
We see people coming out of their cars
So, common sense told us they must have been there for hours
A little disturbed, we get to the chapel and collect the money
We leave to continue our journey
We start to thank God for the wonderful sign
Thank we didn’t have to line up waiting for buses till the sun stops it’s shine
Little do we know, that the worst is yet to come
Getting to gate, we see a lot of students
Rioting or protesting, I can’t find a name for it yet
Toh, it’s not any of our business
“Let us leave here before they stone our heads”
Yaba 100 naira Yaba
Chai! See the number of people that already entered
It’s hard to believe but there is only one bus here
It’s Ash Wednesday, I have 6pm Mass to attend
If we stay here, when would the buses come
So, we decide to leg it to the next bus-stop
It looks like a dream to me that I am walking
My short dress is now making matters worse, it’s jumping
The road to Yaba is not a funny one
Dirty gutter water splashing on us for fun
Mmesoma is using her own shoe to bathe Serome
Bambo’s hunger occupies him this whole time
Cars almost hit us
My dress giving people bad signals
At last! YABA
We see a fleet of campus shuttle
So, nobody is going to school this afternoon
Hehe! See me as I dey trek
My friends, tired as we all wept
As we walk further, we see a queue
Waiting for the campus shuttles that were available!
Now I know that the worst is yet to come
The story continues.. it’s Unilag, school of first choice!


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