Once Upon a Law Student 1.02

By Tomiwa Adebanjo

Have you ever taken something for granted?
Stupid question right?…….….. But really, have you ever just taken something for granted? You think something will work out just the way you want it to, without ever thinking that it might actually not and you just relax and when it actually turns out all wrong, you just sit down and wonder, ‘What did I do wrong?’
I’m sure you’re probably wondering what on earth happened to make me get all emotional and stuff.  Well………. I’ll tell you. Its UNILAG hostel allocation trouble! Aswearigad guys I AM UPSET! Seriously! I am so upset that this morning I actually shed a few tears.  Ok this might take a while to explain but let’s try.
I was admitted into the Faculty of Law as a DE student (Diploma) and, everyone used to say that 200 level DE students would be given preference in terms of hostel allocation. While this turned out to be true for quite a number of people…… my case was different. Honestly, I don’t know why bad things happen to good people, I just don’t! Anyway, I have a family-friend who works in the Senate building as ………… as……………. As what sef? :S I really have no idea. But he works there…… and if you have a dirty mind like some people I know, well get your mind out of the gutter! He’s a perfectly respectable MARRIED man! And so am I! Not married of course (don’t let me discourage potential suitors …… who are you kidding Tee *rme*) As I was saying, this man (the most amazingly selfless person I know) helped me out. He bugged the DSA’s office non-stop for a while and finally sha, I got the hostel. At this point I had already given up hope cos it seemed like I was destined to be a squatter in my 200L. I had already packed my bags to goan begin my life as a squatter. Just before I went, I just tried to log in on my phone and I was so ecstatic to see that I had gotten a bed space.
Fast forward to this year, it took 5 weeks for UNILAG to open the ballot portal for anyone that’s not a fresher or a sportsman or a final year student , well done to them……. I really think the way forward for me is to join the Unilag sports team, even if its just to be cleaning their shoes for them, so long as I am a sportswoman and I will get hostel, I do not care……. Back to my story. Everyone has been getting hostel but Tee…. As in, even people who were with me in the hostel struggle have left me behind! Seriously who have I offended?
Earlier this week, my uncle submitted some names to the DSA for approval and I was already assured that come what may, my name would be approved. Hmmmm, my dear brothers and sisters, as I am typing this now, with a heavy heart, it is very likely and highly possible that my name was not approved o. The DSA approved 3 out of 7 and from the description I received, my name is probably not one of those 3 approved names…. O God! I can’t do this struggle all over again guys.
On one hand, I am happy that my friend’s name was approved. On the other hand, I am extremely bummed that I might not be given a place in the hostel. You might say that I should just stay with a friend but y’all should know that its neither easy nor comfortable for both parties. Its even worse for the squatter and I ain’t ‘bout that life! So, what can I do?
Well, I think the only thing to do right now is to keep hoping and praying that somehow somehow, come what may, all things will work together for my good.

A big shout-out to everyone out there still in the hostel struggle. May we all come out victorious.
P.S.: Did you guys see the traffic in school on Wednesday?!! It was a terrible something! By 5 o’clock, the traffic from the front gate was up to Afe Babalola and the traffic from the back gate was up to Medical Centre! We spent 2 hours from Medical Centre to the back gate, no jokes guys I am serious! I am assuming that you guys already know the reason for the traffic but for those who don’t, here it is.
The National/Nigerian Medical Association has given Unilag a maximum number of graduates to produce each year…… much like the law school gives us 250 slots. The medical students have 150 slots and the university admitted more than twice that number into 100L Medicine this year. After 100L, they are to move to Idi-Araba to continue their education and normally, the way the students are to be accepted is to pass all their courses with an above average mark. But this year, a lot of people scaled through that qualification so, Unilag devised another means to cut them off. They raised the cut-off mark to 4.1 (Ohmigosh!) Don’t you guys think this is mean? Can you imagine after reading sweat and blood and passing the qualification, only to hear that the university raised the cut-off?! Who can take that? I really do not blame them for rioting, its not fair at all. But ehn, they should have done it in a way that would not affect we the innocent masses now. We have no hand in the event, why punish us? Seriously, that traffic was terrifying abeg. Can’t they see that we are on their side? Mtchw.
Chai! See my long P.S!

P.P.S. Guys!!! Fast-forward to 5 hours after I put down the words above and I am floating on Cloud 9. The awesomest thing that could have happened today just did (Yes I said ‘awesomest’……….. sue me Sam!) My name was approved after all!  It still seems like a movie but its true mehn!I am so so happy. Can you imagine? After all the ranting above?! I’m still going to let you guys read this anyway so you can share in the pain I felt 😛


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