By Mayowa Folami

I had spent hours rehearsing that moment
I was going to bare my heart to him
Knowing that it will leave me naked
And my imperfection bare
As I spoke my first words to him
He turned to reply
But what came out from his mouth
Was her name;  the other woman
I broke
I told myself I was strong
But my body failed me
Like a sudden rainfall my tears fell
I was shattered; I didn’t listen
He tried to explain
But I was deaf
I turned away
He cannot see me like this
Her cries ripped my heart apart
The heart she no longer had
Her sobs course through my veins
Leaving a permanent ache in my bones
I can do nothing but stare as she hunches against the wall
Knowing no matter what I said
She’d not notice
So I turn to walk away
Her cries the beat to every step I take
Because no words could even begin to explain
That it was only her face I saw
As I cried out a strange woman’s name


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