[Sunday Punch] REVISITING THE KING’S SPEECH | by Ayo Sogunro

Ayo Sogunro


I have followed, with some concern, the conversations and arguments by Nigerians following last week’s publication of President Buhari’s UK interview with the Telegraph. Some Nigerians—particularly migrants confronted with racial realities—are worried about the consequences (and lack of empathy) of the president’s statement, other Nigerians are happy that the president is “saying it as it is,” while others simply do not want this “unpatriotic” criticism of their homeland. All of these are justifiable perspectives and there is little sense in arguing which is correct.

What requires examination is a persisting attitude that suggests that the president is, generally, entitled to express his opinion. And, although the presidency has tried to clarify the statement and the publication of the full interview with Telegraph has softened the original impact, we still ought to re-stimulate a conversation around the statements and role of the president (and other public officials) as a reflection…

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