Americans and a Female President

By Samuel Abu

Americans would rather have a black man or an irrational man as a president than a female.

“every work experience was a hit back to back from the UN to Senate and Secretary of state……..Feminism must take over”

Err okay, so I think that’ll probably be an exasperated expression of a woman in the male dominated political scene.. Perhaps maybe one such as the U. S. Well honestly you can’t blame such if it ever happen though, we’ll only need to know the fact that or perhaps I might be wrong. Nonetheless the possibility that Americans would probably vote for another black man or in fact an irrational hateful alleged “bigot” over Hillary Clinton would be discussed further.
Trust me, this isn’t some sort of hoax. In fact, if anything was to be a hoax, Donald J Trump’s irrationality isn’t one. So let’s travel back in time as I use one very prominent American female’s experience to prove the hypothesis of Americans and their issues with women in the political scene.
In 2008, the world was elated by the words of a man which was simply ” yes we can”. Barrack Obama became the first ever elected black American President and I’ll see this is as a necessary step however to the historical development of the country and also a political game, yeah trust me it was. We know that year to be the end of the Bush Dynasty, which set forth an open path for others to become involved in the presidential experience. Also that year saw the sparkling lights of a potential female president as well. This woman had worked with the UN nations with regards to women development rights, she’s served in the Senate, and in fact she’s a wife of a former American president….Her score cards had a cogent weight of intellectuals, ooo my oo my it was a hit back to back  yet they brought in Barrack Obama.
Funny Americans, the day a white woman was strong enough to sway their votes, they allowed a black man into government… What happened to the likes of Jesse Jackson, Shirley Chilsom etc they were all at one time potential black candidates too. Either way 2008 would have been a great year  historical, a first black president or female President. They went for the former over the latter.
Eight years down the line, the American Society would soon be called to the polls. Although the presidential debate had started, and miniature polls have been setup. Hillary Clinton is at it again, well to be honest I felt this time around, she’s just gonna ride along to the white house with no real threat or so… Oh boy I was wrong. In fact, Americans have had another favorite, worthy of keeping Hillary on the sidelines  and I’m sure even if you don’t know anything about American politics, this particular dude’s name must have come across your hearing. The wonderful irrational and realistic Donald J Trump.
This year’s presidential election is gonna be a really epic one, because Hillary is back with a very brainy and more acute plans. Yet despite her 4yrs as sec of state coupled with other cogent experiences, Americans have seen a new messiah in the very courteous Donald Trump…. “He’s the man the country needs, he’s realistic and very active”
Mean while, there’s a woman who’s been an American icon herself. Here we can’t say she isn’t worth it or she’s lack the experience,  in fact compared to Trump he’s not even meant to be a candidate. More over, this would only serve as a proof that Americans well, don’t really fancy a female president, in fact they’ll prefer Donald J Trump to be their president if possible. And if possible I mean the mock polls reiterate same feat.  I just hope the 2016 elections would get hillary Clinton fans like     “But Sir let’s be honest, every work experience was a hit back to back from the UN to Senate and Secretary of state……..cmon, Feminism must take over”.  And then maybe, just maybe Trump would go ” Well I like her persistent spirit, but if she’s won the election, it probably wasn’t a honest poll”
If this should happen, well it’ll be sad, and painful for some of her fans, but nonetheless it would have been a good show.


  1. Lol.. .interesting analysis.. ..though Hillary still has Bernie Sanders to slug it out in the Democratic primaries. As for Donald Trump.. ..his utterances & antecedents are surprisingly doing him more good than harm. A quick perusal at comments section on foreign sites like CNN shows the average American is proud of his “hate speeches”. We Africans are Prolly more Catholic than the Pope.. ..Saddened more than the berieved .. ..Overdressed than the bride. 😕😕


  2. A very fine article… If only it wasn’t completely one sided…. You might want to check out the reason Hillary Clinton cannot become America’s president apart from being a woman; If you don’t do that, you wouldn’t be doing justice to why she might lose.

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