Fashion for Broke Law Students

Shopping for a closet full of monochrome outfits can be so tedious and then shopping for casual outfits and party outfits are definitely going to put a dent in your pocket if you are broke.

Who ever said you have to empty your bank account to be stylish definitely said wrong. Fingers are not equal and let me tell you a secret…They never will be, especially in our economy today, so if you are a fashion lover or you just want to look good on daily basis but your finances are holding you down, this is just for you.
Looking stylish isn’t all about wearing expensive clothes infact you could wear a three thousand naira dress and still look way better than someone wearing something worth 80k, it’s all about the way you put your outfits together and these are the top ways you could look stylish while being extremely broke.

• You are Fashion: Things go in and out of vogue constantly so it’s hard to keep up. Don’t be afraid to create your own style and stick to it be it street style or boho…you are what you wear, always remember that.
• Recycling: As some of you may know, I am literally the queen of DIY…all you have to do is find an outfit that you could easily try changing into a different outfit (you could go through my blog for diy tutorials, just follow step by step).

• Sales: Keep your eye out and ears down for notification of fashion sales. Usually boutiques have them during festive periods or holidays so now you can shop that stylish outfit or item for less.
• Don’t be decided by looks, the key is mixing and matching. Ransack your wardrobe for outfits and try re matching them together to see what fits and if you can’t tell, try wearing them on to see if you like it or use the Internet to get fashion inspo

• Don’t Try To Follow Trends otherwise you will get lost. If you are broke, respect yourself and stick to what you have and be fashionable with it. If you try following trends, you will end up penniless and like they say there’s nothing as good as creating your own trend (I think I formed that just now)
• Most Importantly, Save up: I feel like an hypocrite preaching this but it’s paramount you learn how to save, stop buying unnecessarily and save up your money. That way you can afford to get yourself something good and nice.
• Ransack Your Parent’s Closet: Believe I do that too….no matter their size or style,  they always have something there for you to wear or revamp to your own style. Do this with their permission ofcourse (wink).

• Dress Comfortably….The world won’t know you are broke unless you show them so try and look good….stylish not thrashy.
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