The Meeting with Insanity

By Mayowa Folami

Do you know insanity
Well I have met and dined with him
I don’t mean the man you think
Who rips his clothes in the market square
I mean the man who surface
When your troubles which lurked in the dark
Comes to light and hit you in the face with a sledge hammer
When you have gone maf beyond reasonable doubt
When you get caught up in the twisted games love plays
And feel a fool
Then you know what true insanity feels like

Love is insanity lurking in a sane mind
Trust is like a balloon
Hold it and never let go
For it can fly away to the sky Or burst with a pow!
There’s goes your happy ending
Insecurity dances with our shadows
Like a ballet dancer rendition of cinderella
There is no stop to the end
No start point for the beginning
Darling spare me a glance
For they say an eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth
Is that why the world is so blind
Our stars are crossed
Is that why fate won’t let you leave me
One selfish lover
One foolishly in love
Who will bow down first
For pride is no good with lovers

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