Soundless Echoes

Soundless echoes drive me into the world of multifarious faces
Unable stand their temerity to call me names
Name that depict the evil…
A Monica that doesn’t behoove the person, but behooves the dress
The way you dress is the way you’ll be addressed
To be forewarned is to be forarmed
My head whirls into a barrel land
I hear voices, soundless echoes
A smudge on my incontrovertibly built personality
A smear on my self dexterity
The visage I see all around me confirm the sounds in my head
The walk of shame
The echo of shame clouds my name for a notorious fame
I say no more
This is not for the world

IMG 20160119 154355 Alajogun Ayomide Arinola. Law Class of ’19. She loves to hang out and write, and particularly enjoys writing non-fictional poems and true life events. She loves people!

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