A Round Of Applause To The University Of Lagos

When Falz and Reminisce sang “clap”, I’m sure the “bad guys” they were talking about was Unilag. I remember writing last week about how wonderful the school had been to us especially with the way they handled this accommodation matter. But this time, my appreciation is more profound, because they’ve been really head bursting.
Would you believe that the allocation exercise for the session is over? And why not so? Afterall everyone was satisfied with bedspace. Abi didn’t you get? If you didn’t, maybe you weren’t ready to drop money for some special person @ the DSA’s office to help you do “wuru wuru to the answer”. Well, that’s too bad. I mean the school tried for us, especially us guys. They gave us ONE golden chance to apply for hostel (between 10am and 10.05am), so why shouldn’t we appreciate our great institution? Afterall the rehabilitation of Sodeinde and El Kanemi is for our own good. I heard this problem was not exclusive to only males. I know of a few ladies who were on the site every ten minutes who didn’t get. They shoulda tried Opera Mini. Anyways, at least they can squat with their lucky girlfriends who got Radiography. So, nothing spoil.
This piece cannot be complete without gratitude to the DSA himself, Mr/Dr. Tunde Babawale. Thanks so much sir. Your presence @ the Human Rights Symposium yesterday was well timed. I mean, what better time to celebrate your humanitarian efforts in getting everyone satisfied with bedspaces. Your capricious attitude towards the whole issue is greatly appreciated.
Great ULSU!!!!!!!!! I sight you my people! Your administration shall.be called blessed. Thanks for putting our #300 to work. It was more worthwhile than adding #50 for some Chinese nonsense @Café Sovereign. I really appreciate your devil-may-care attitude in getting us all into hostel. You’re forever in my thoughts and prayers. I was especially touched by your march towards the DSA’s to fight for our rights and facilitate the accommodation process- at least that’s what your message promised, not like I saw it. I pray that Deadpool will strike you all this season (Amen!!!!!).
On this note, I must say goodbye. I have a lot of unpacking from my box to my wardrobe(at home), so bye fellow law students, peace and love!!!

By Oluwamayowa Akinyemi

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