What is your name?

Ibrahim Ismail Mohammed
He’s from Nupe. He said his Nupe tribe migrated to a Yoruba place, so over time, his people got used to the Yoruba language, and that’s why he can speak it. (He can speak more than me sef, for those of you that like Yoruba speaking guys, without the actual demon in them).

What position do you hold in Oputa?

I am the Head of Chambers (HOC). I am the one that takes prompts for failures and also the one that can’t take the glory.
What other society or societies are you also a part of?

Moot, Oil and Gas, Tax, ADR. (Maritime people, I’m sorry he didn’t buy your form).
How has your journey in Oputa been?
First week was tough. But now, everyone is starting to learn their duties as expected and we are going along nicely.
What inspired you to become the HOC of Oputa?

When the question came, nobody wanted to volunteer. And I didn’t want the already-done work in the past 2 years to amount to nothing. Some other people also told me that I had the qualities (he didn’t say what qualities, he’s humble. He also said he knew what he was doing.)
Seeing that Oputa has been the best chambers for 2 years consistently, how do you plan on keep it the best chambers?

Excellence is a yard stick that everyone envisages but not all achieve. Oputa has done this in the past 2 years and that’s why we’ve been voted the best association. So it’s not even about building on it but maintaining and doing it in a different way that would make more impact. That’s how you get more development. And, development is not seeking to always add but keeping the consistency and making sure that what applied in the old era still applies now, and you keep up the momentum.
How are you mixing this, your membership with other societies and your academics?

Na God o, Na God oooo! And, well, my mooting career hasn’t started yet. I am part of the new inductees to the School of Reasoning and Rhetoric. After that, my mooting career would commence. But it depends on….. (I couldn’t grab that one).
Do you want to practise law? In Nigeria?
Of course.
So what’s your driving force?

I just want to be able to actually grow in the legal realm, until I’m able to open my own firm.
What is your greatest fear as a law student?
Not graduating with a competitive CGPA. (I asked what he meant by competitive CGPA, 2’1 or what? He didn’t answer o, he said everybody should go and look for what competitive CGPA means. When you find it, please tell me, I’m really curious).
What do you wish for, more than anything in this world?

Contentment and lack of need.
What are your best and worst experiences in the whole of your life?

Worst part, finding out I was coming to do university in Nigeria. The best, finding out that UNILAG is a very good institution and Law is awesome (I went ‘awwnnn!!!’). But though we lack of lot of things, I will be proud to get my law degree, when I do get it. (I did amebo after this and asked where he was before his unfortunate-gone-fortunate migration to Nigeria, and he said he was in London, UK, for 6 years. He was born in Kwara and he did the whole of his primary and secondary school in Nigeria)
Are you single? (*drum rolls*)
I am very-not-single. (He put ‘very’ o. So even though he has that very nice British accent, with his Kwara-attractive body, I advise that you remain on your lane unless Fra… *that’s all*)
Describe your kind of lady.

My kind of lady has to be ‘appealing to touch’ (I think he was describing her). Like, the moment I see her, I must be able to envisage (I completed it for him immediately) ‘touching’. And will I say Plea… (I completed it again) ‘Pleasure’. (He says he doesn’t believe in ‘opposites attract’. So, if you think he’s the one that will complete your love puzzle for you, you’re sincerely fetching water inside basket). She has to be able to keep a conversation. She also has to have a lot in common with me, I guess.
Who are your closest friends in this faculty?
‘The squad’. (He didn’t tell me their names o; he said it’s a puzzle).
Shoes or Sneakers, Sweats or Shirts?

Very nice shoes and shirts. (He’s a formal brother, I almost gave him *fist bump*).
What’s your perfect valentine gift?
He doesn’t believe in gifts (maybe miracles then).
Anything you want to say to everybody (Information)?
There are 2 important programmes coming up, ‘Law to the Layman’ (It was very useful to him, especially in his first year). There would be certificates issued at the end of it. There’s also Public Speaking, ‘Word War III’ which, for the purpose of this administration, has been moved to first semester. Everybody there last year knows how great it was. And this year, it’s going to be ‘off the hook’ (brace yourselves, the third Word War is coming).




IMG 20160109 233335 Isola Bunmi of the Class of “17 describes herself as a born critic, who finds satisfaction in humor and sarcasm. Her imagination is what keeps her pen moving. When she stops thinking, she stops writing.

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