God Is Not A Scientist: By Bello Oreoluwa

One argument persists among university students and students in generality and that is the answer to the superfluous question; which discipline is superior? the sciences or the humanities. To the defence of the two disciplines, the hearts and voices of passionate students enrage drying out saliva,yearning and clapping in disbelief, shrieking in belief and shaking in frevolous disagreement to each other’s point of view. Well, a wise man once cleared the matter when he cleared that “argument is an exchange of ignorance”.
But whether it is or not a transaction of ignorantium be left for the subject of discussion. Argument is necessary!, it is pivotal, it must however be purposeful for it is only when discipline related arguments are purposeful that it becomes truly revealing. It however never cease to amaze ,as this writer belongs to the humanities, when the counterpart draws out religious points like a sword in a sheath and slams it on the floor of the argument that God is a scientist! and I sulk in rejoind with a big NOOO that comes from the bottom of my heart.”God is the omnipotent and omniscience” one argued holding out his pinnae.And the next thing they draw on rings immediately as a fallacy-one where you miss the factor’s. They draw on the book of Genesis that ‘on the first day God created day and night with the popular phrase”let there be light and there was light.!.Minding the point that light is matter and a scientist will not accept that he created light out of anti matter as vetra did in Angels and Demons What did he create life from ? .To this another in appropriate response came …God can do all things-he’s Alfa et omega”.I scoofed within myself and said in my mind”who says he isn’t… Just that it doesn’t go with our point here” and for the record alpha et omega are scientific terms so the scientist only tried to be God which he is failing at.
God is not a scientist he does not hypothesise before reaching his facts.He just does his thing and we get inquisitive enough to trouble ourselves over it.
Man has created problems for himself trying to be god-like.Modern science makes guns for us to kill ourselves with, bullets to pierce flesh,bombs to tear them apart,and biogas to kill without agony! All technologies of science and you say God is a scientist… God is not that kind of scientist.
This is the world where scientist get into books for inventing killing instruments serving governments intentions to conquer the other government-surely,…God is not that kind of scientist.
Mr Putin and his killing spree in the middle East looms,the current surge in world refuge toll climbs everyday,even dear naira keeps falling like a toddler. The economy is getting dried out and there’s nothing science will or has done about that has directly affected the lives of men.God is surely not that kind of scientist.
This is not written to declaim the scientist but to fulfill the need that science need be demystified.
Modernity gas redefined the original purpose of science.Brother Leo Strauss tell,that ancient science posits to know and understand nature, modern science posits to tame and control it whether it minds or not.God is sure not that kind of scientist.If the counterpart endeavours to counter tell him to scientifically prove the theory of death. What does this shows us ?.That God is more capable and he surely is not that kind of scientist.

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