Have you ever wanted to live in the future while remaining in the present? Sounds cool right?
Well… it wasn’t exactly “cool” for Thomas Hunter in “Black”, the first of the Circle Series written by Ted DeKker.
(Ted DeKker is an awesome writer who uses the art of suspense will literally not close your eyes for days until you finish this book.)

Thomas (Tom) Hunter is an early 20s guy who lives in Denver in an apartment with his sister, Kara. He works at a coffee shop and has tons of manuscripts of books he’d like to be published at home( he’s a wannabe writer)
He was raised in the Philistines, where he learnt how to defend himself against gangs, and has borrowed an amount of money that he hasn’t paid back (which is why he’s in Denver, running from his lenders.)
On his way home from work, he is attacked and narrowly escapes to the roof of a building. Then a silent bullet from the night clips his head..and his world goes black.
From the blackness comes an amazing reality of another world where evil and good exist in the flesh; in the form of a bat, Teeleh, and furry creatures called Roush. The evil bats, specifically the leader, Teeleh, pursue him and tear much of his flesh before he escapes over a river into a beautiful coloured forest.
This world seems to be the real world with beautiful fruits that heal and near-perfect humans, one of whom he falls in love with.
Subsequently, Tom wakes up in a garbage can in Denver and is certain that the Coloured forest is a weird dream he’s having. He is even more certain when his sister, Kara tells him that he’s paranoid. But now, every time he falls asleep, he wakes up in the forest. And everytime he falls asleep there, he wakes up in Denver.
Eventually, the dream world turns out to be the future earth, later in the 21st century, where he finds out from Teeleh that a virus called the ‘Raison Strain’ would be unleashed and present Earth’s inhabitants would be wiped out. The river which Thomas crossed earlier on is crossed by a man,Tanis, who eats a fruit from the sly Teeleh, enabling the inhabitants of the Black Forest to have access to their haven and causing destruction to the perfection and tranquility of the Coloured forest, destroying everything in its wake and turning the perfect lakes muddy.
Tom tries to warn those on Earth , but by so doing, unknowingly gives the information needed to create the virus  to the wrong hands, Carlos Missiran and Valborg Svensson , who plan on eliminating and subduing all the top nations of the world. To accomplish this, Carlos and Svensson find how to create a virus that will kill its human host in three weeks if left without a vaccine. Any nation which fails to capitulate to his demands will die because the vaccine would be limited to only those who bow to Valborg.
In the future Earth, he is becoming a great leader against humans who have turned evil, and on Earth, he is becoming one who can come back to life (cool huh?), and the only one who can save Earth from destruction.
His story is continued in “RED”, “WHITE” and “GREEN”.
This book is a very awesome adrenaline- raced story where dreams and reality collide .Each reality has a dramatic impact on the other, each proves to be real, each presents huge stakes, and the fate of each will depend on one man: Thomas Hunter.
If I were you, I’d go get myself a copy (or a pdf of it at least)

IMG 20160118 082514 Adeyemi Christianah from the Law Class of “17 enjoys writing, reading and photography…(and eating). She loves the idea that with books, one can live in another reality and encourages everyone to pick up a book today!

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