LEX OBSERVER 2016 – Call For Submissions

Call for Submissions
The Lex Observer for this semester is in the works, and we would like YOU to be a part of it. So, send your articles to lsslexobserver@gmail.com.

•Legal articles – critiques of case laws, exploration of the present position of the law in certain areas, the legal profession generally, etc.

•Political and social commentaries – Articles should focus on the Faculty or the Campus scene as well as National and International policies, occurrences and programmes

•Photojournalism – A picture is worth a thousand words

•Literary works – Short stories, poetry, flash fiction, drama, jokes, etc.

•Miscellaneous – Relationship advice, beauty tips, recipes and the kitchen, life advice, health tips, Gossip and miscellaneous

Deadline for submissions is the 8th of March, 2016.
Please attach all your articles to the mail, and include your full name and your level in your articles.

If you want to be actively involved in the committee, you are welcome. Please talk to the
LSS P.R.O – Akanbi Yetunde,
Ubaka Victor(500), Esther Eze(400), Oyindolapo Olusesi(300), Tolu (200), Titi (100)

For suggestions, complaints, constructive criticism please send us a mail lsslexobserver@gmail.com or talk to the above named people. Thank you.

1 Comment

  1. Would it be a bit too much to question the LSS on where exactly the Lex Observer for the 2nd half of 2015 is….. People seem to ignore it and now you are requesting for submissions?… Questionable


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