This time around, I was faced with an intelligent genius. Yes, dat is what I call him. I approached him and asked him if he will like to be chosen as the Student of the Week, he smiled, and asked “again”? He thought the last interview on “eligible bachelors” was the same thing as this one. Ok, I’m only saying that he is a good “husband material”, an eligible one.

I must confess, he gave the most intelligent answers so far. Is it not a privilege to meet such a nice and gentle person like Dara?
I am sure you won’t like to miss some “secrets made opened” about this guy. Don’t even try to stop reading.

Tell us about yourself
Dara: Well my names are Oluwadara Oluwaseun Oluwafemi.
I was born in the month of October, on the 10th day. I was raised as a Christian and I’m still a Christian. I’m an indigene of Ode-Remo in Ogun State and a second to the last child of the family. Personally, I take sheer interest in cooking,travelling,meeting people,playing football and listening to good music.

You mean you can book indomie and and make tea?
Dara: Nah…far from it.On a personal note, I don’t like indomie and professionally,I don’t no where or how tea is cooked. I stand to be corrected though(like seriously?)
Basically, my interest in cooking started from high school where I offered food and nutrition and since then, I have honoured my cooking skills to a master piece. You can unarguably call me the Master Chef because I basically don’t just cook the contemporary dishes we all are used to but continental cuisines(I told you, he is a good husband material).

Isn’t that interesting? That is very exceptional
I will like to know some of the list of the food you can cook
Dara : Afang soup, Edikaikong,coconut rice,curry soup, sauces…to mention but a few

Then,I suppose you are this guy who do not mind joining your partner in the kitchen against the general belief of male superiority over females
Dara : Well…I don’t subscribe to the traditional school of thought that pegs a wife/woman/lady as the owner of the kitchen. I guess that’s African and it’s stereotyped. Men should always assist in the kitchen when the need arises. It breeds stronger bond,love and affection in the family circle. And yes,I will definitely assist my wife in the kitchen because to an extent,I should cook better than her.

Awwwwn,thats cool.
Ok,leaving the issue of cooking ,I will like to know why actually you decided to study law
Dara : Why did I decide to study law? Errm…To be honest from the onset, i never knew why I decided to study law but ,i endeared the task of taking a leap of faith in studying law and every step has been a hit…back to back.(smiling)
Therefore, studying law has made me realised the lacunae in the legal system of this country, particularly our laws.
To be candid, in as much as I would like to make money with the law, I will also want to be an architect of change within the legal system of this country.

‘Architect of change’ hmm
In what way have you influenced the faculty? Have you held any post before?
Are you holding any presently?
Dara : Well, influence they say makes others see through you. From my diploma days till my year 4, I’ve held several key positions within the faculty. That is, I’ve been a one time Class Rep,Senator, one time Secretary General of GFSC, immediate past Secretary General of LSS, Presidential Candidate of LSS. Currently, am holding no position. So I’m just chilling. It’s final year baby!

Now apart from the fact that I,m fun to be with and Sociable , I,m a great influence and legacy to the faculty and I will forever be grateful to God for the ‘Dara’s Note Series’ which I started in my 200 level and has helped a lot of students academically both within and outside the walls of Faculty of Law,UNILAG. Interestingly, students have found it a good source of companion as it has proven to be helpful in achieving good grades.

Ok then
With regards to all your posts and achievements,what will you say have been encouraging you?
Dara : The passion…dats all I can say

What do you wish can be changed in the faculty?
Dara : Wouldn’t want political questions o

It’s nothing political
I mean..anything you think the faculty should work on
Dara : Well, regarding any change or amendment in the things of the faculty, I guess one area I would want the faculty at large to look into is in respect of faculty dues. It’s longer a hidden news that faculty of law pays the highest fee in dues. However, with the collective effort and interest of students at heart, we can engage the Dean of the faculty in a honest dialogue to look into this issue and as well have a positve result in making sure we pay lesser than what we pay now.
Also,there’s been improvements regarding result issues as results are now been resolved faster and quicker but then we can do better. Again, as an element of change in the faculty, societies and chambers should be clinical in their approach and programmes as this will stimulate the understanding,purpose and ideology of the law in students in varying capacities

Alright. Where do you see yourself in the nearest five years?
Dara : Well…before I gained admission into the faculty, I had a trigonometrical plan for my stay here…so definitely, I’ve got a trigonometrical plan as to where I see myself in the next five years…God willing, doing practice with a multinational company or government agency.

What was the worst thing that ever happened to you?
Dara : Worst thing????….Hmmmm!!!! I dislike failing .I have failed in the past but then I picked up myself to strive harder . Failing is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

And your happiest moment ?
Dara : Been around people makes me feel alive

Quite impressive
Ok . What is your philosophy?
Dara : Life is full of mysteries but then, whatever you are,be a good one. My dad once told me…”Dara, for you to shine as light,you have to be as silent as the light”. So far,that has been my guiding principle and philosophy to life in general

Hmm..silent as the light
Well, just for some awaiting readers who will like to know
‘Is your girlfriend in the faculty’?
Dara : Hehehe….girlfriend? Hmmm!!! A girlfriend is a lover. She is everywhere. Always ubiquitous!!!
I gave a diplomatic answer.(smiling)

: Ok,I need an “undergraduate” answer not a “diplomatic “answer..(lol)
Dara : Hehehe….girlfriend? Hmmmm.!!! A girlfriend is my lover. Ok this is it. I was selected as one of the most eligible bachelors of the faculty. So I guess the girlfriend is out there somewhere in the faculty. She is everywhere. Always ubiquitous!!!

: Then I take your answer for”still searching”
Dara : If you see it dat way.(smiling)

How many girls do you have crush on in d faculty?
: No diplomatic answer ‘o’ give an undergraduate answer instead😎
Dara : Crush is a normal phenomenon…I’m meant to crush cause I am human. I have feelings.Faculty of law, “UNILAG” boasts itself of beautiful damsels who could be miss world(s) someday. Certainly I crush on numerous girls in the faculty but you know, am not meant to rush (smiling)

Now I call this a semi diplomatic answer
Please, mention the names of your friends
Dara : Well I’ve got numerous friends but out of the friends I have, I’ve got a family : Joshua Tochukwu,Danjuma Bright,Jumai Fabuyi,Ijeoma Efobi,Yusuf Funmilayo and Don Prince. These are my ride or die family anytime.
Thank you Mr Dara








biography  Ikeoluwa Adetona is a prolific writer and a very inquisitive reader. A member of the class of “18, she is presently the welfare secretary of the Federation of Oyo State Student Union” (2014/15).
She lives in Oyo State.

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