Johnpology Oloyede
2013 – 2018
In View: L.L.B

Since you were recruited to race on the ‘L.L.B’, two vital dates are quintessential in your sojourn. Your year of arrival and that of departure. They are useless, irrelevant and of no essence if the dash sign ‘ – ‘ is absent.
This I refer to as ‘the dash of our lives’.
Your travails, your victories, your hustles, your nuzzles, your successes, your setbacks,  your A’s, your C’s,  your acts, your exploits, your pains,  your gains, your regrets,  your threats, your friends, your turn ups,  life’s turn downs, and what have you?  Your life as a whole in this ivory tower is indisputably and unarguably, of definition through the ‘dash’ between the said dates. The dash encompasses your being all through your stay as an embryonic lawyer.

Whatever you’ll pride yourself in or whatever others tag you with lies and homely resides in your homily dash – which tells all of your duration and time spent in this tower of ivory gems.

Your self worth and personal value are clear replica of how far and smooth you display your sagacity. Many of us tend to give the best of ourselves not when our being sagacious is needed but when there is an impending threat and an outright danger.  If you are of such posture and nature, you deserve a gun. Not a one to combat but one to eliminate the snaily and notorious part of your being that is traceable to the features of an imbecilic moron.
You are smart…bravo
You’re versatile…congrats
You’re a potential lawyer… I hail
You’re an embodiment of the rudiments of the law… Kudos
You’re a Library Prince or is it Library Rat… Cool.
The above are fascinating and intriguing about the average and status quo’ted’ law student.
But even you being as knowledgeable as the geniuspedia is never enough as we’ve heard many times that people do not care how much you know until they truly know how much you care.

Dear Friend, it is a hint I have for that a very best medium to tell that you’re a sage and show that you care is by ‘giving a part of your being’.
Your worth and value is never a function of how much you know but how ready you are to show to the unknown, the known part of your personality. This, you easily and readily would exercise by giving a part of your being.
A ready question that would delight any listening organ is ‘who is in need of that part of me? ‘
Fine and dope.
It is what you are full of that others who in a way or the other are not your match thirst after.
You are full of and being made of the ‘LAW’. You are famously or infamously tagged ‘The Law’.
The average being out there is ignorant of a whim weigh of what you possess… He is tagged ‘The Lay Man’.
What a contrast?!
What a sharp contrast?!
What an emphatic and sympathetic contrast!

You!  Yes you!  Is no better you when enlightening others over what you’re in possess of is a herculean task and some Samsonite hurdle.
A clear cut and path is made however.
A little more to the smile you’re wearing as some angels really have gone ahead to smoothen a channel where we can give that part of our selves to our world in a very best and amazing way… employing the law as a tool.
The ‘LAW to THE LAY MAN’ is an avenue without a sitting venue where you have your best gift to humanity homely sitting as it’s being offered.
Alphabetically, after the letter ‘L’ comes ‘M’.
‘J.O.Cically, after the letter ‘L’ comes ‘L’
It is not just L to M (Law to man)
It is L to L before M (Law to the Lay Man)

We are often taught to look for the beauty in all things, so in finding it, the layman asks the philosopher while the philosopher asks the Lawyer.
Making the law accessible to the un-educated layman, while keeping high legal standards, has always been considered a treacherous navigation between the Scylla of professional contempt and the Charybdis of public misunderstanding.
We can do this in no better way or manner other than ourselves being young minds… We as learners of the law… We as mirrors of the legally legal Elfenbenturm (Don’t give two hoots about the meaning… It’s a German tantalizing witch).

Dear friends, we are at the best of our selves when we readily will make ourselves ready for a work for humanity. I mean,  a walk for humanity. It is therefore a big shout on to every one Walking Johnnie and Rachael Walker to come on board even as we work and walk for humanity.

The LAW TO THE LAY MAN has being a most wonderful and amazing initiative since inception till forever as every edition is always a top notch. And the 2016 edition which is the 4th of the count promises to be FLABBERWHELMING and OVERGASTING (interchange that).
It is AUDIBLE to the BLIND and OBVIOUS to the DEAF that it is 2016 greatest outreach to the street. (Interplace that).
This event has been date slated for Saturday, 5th March and time slated for 8am. The venue of convergence is the Faculty of Law (the palatial palace of the Akokite erudites).

Ajayi Samuel





There will be certificate of participation for every one atrendee/volunteer. Certificates dully signed by the Dean, Faculty of Law. 


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