It was a sunny thursday afternoon immediately after lectures, I made my way to the University’s Medical Centre for a special appointment you could tell. I was having a feud in the arena of my stomach, it was really an upset and it seemed to dissipate my strength. Thanks to the very eventful lecture, which made my morning blissful besides note that I could live with the irony. At least if it wasn’t for the stomach upset I was gonna be in the front row seat at the main auditorium enjoying the comedy show. However, circumstances and nature in its inevitable display of contingencies has impeded the development, but always remember it can provide a substitute.

   Alright it was gonna be a quick appointment I thought. At least no one spends the whole day over stomach aches except if there’s a spiritual undertone. I had arrived at the hospital and was still ruminating over my absence from the show, little did I know I just got a free ticket to one…… In the hospital. Yeah the process was really annoying, like you’re coming for an interview, it was really getting bored up then I heard a raucous noise. Well maybe not as loud as Moremi girl’s arguments, but this was really an argument.
“What are you talking?  He’s the first child of his father, borne by the mother. We can’t let you do that”  It was a red cap chief mazi  i guess who was highly disputatous of the doctor’s knowledge and dexterity.
The Doctor replied
“….. But sir, the boy needs to be treated with an anti-tetanus, to avoid further complications on his distended legs. In fact…… ” 

Cut short by the mazi
” No way!  We only needed a doctor’s diagnosis not a treatment. We’ve got a prominent native doctor back in town who is not equipped with diagnosis equipments hut has highly effective “medicine”  to dissipate any kind of pain. Even a bruised leg and fracture bone”

And before any word came from the doctor the had taken his boy into the vehicle. Luckily enough, he had personal guards, else his rounded up pot belly would have slowed down progress. 
Moreover, as the drama unfolded, I was dumbfounded by the attempt to dissent the efficacy of clinical treatment over native doctors. Or should I say he was just being unnecessarily sentimental about the whole thing?  I mean we talking about preventive measures, you’re bringing up excuses as to whether or not he’s the first child? Honestly what’s that?
Nonetheless I got my treatment, at least I had to wait for almost an hour to settle a stomach upset, I think I see reasons why a native doctor is better. But on a closer look, the hospital just gave me two tablets of Gellu C and I was advised to drink water, have you ever wondered what the native doctor would have said? I would have been on my way to mile 12 no doubt. Anyways, I think it’s really important to lay emphasis on the need to disseminate clinical research information to people, so that social heritage wouldn’t turn medical advancement into a social aberrant policy.

Finally, to cap my story I was able to get to the show an hour after the whole thing should have started. And guess what I heard at the entrance “….. Testing microphone 1,2,…..“   I smiled, I think I love our social heritage of African Time.

IMG 20151226 182345 Samuel Abu of the law class of ’19 is also known as SAM_3C.  He describes himself as a cool, calm and collected writer, poet and social commentator. He hopes to educate and inspire people with his writing.

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