‘I’ve been gone for too long,
Think its time I bring it back’
You guys remember that jam? Ciara? Gimme that?
Yea that line totally applies to me right now 🙂
Speaking of Ciara….. That woman, in less than a week, has totally rocked Lagos more than I have , in my almost-2-decades of existence here! Ah ahn! Someone actually tweeted, and I quote,
‘Please how much are they paying Ciara? These people have overworked her shaa! From dancing shoki to shakitibobo etc. E remain small she for hawk bread!’
I swear that killed me *ROTFL*

       Newaiz…… For those of my wonderful friends, family and awesome people who actually take out time to read this lil’ ol’ column and have been wondering if Tee is Dead or Alive (if you haven’t watched that movie, you should- Dead or Alive), I’m heeereee, and I’m fine…………. well, almost. I had a bit of an issue but, I’m back now, with little or no scars to show for my terrible experience. (I was being very sarcastic….. I have a lot of scars to show for it) The experience involved burning oil….. that poured on my hand……… And you can probably imagine the excruciating pain that followed……… and the hideous scars and blisters…. and the itching is outta this world! (I ask again…. Why do bad things happen to good people?!) I swear I still can’t comfortably look at my hand 😦 One of my friends saw it and, bless her dear soul, she started crying…… which made me start crying too and people were looking at us all weird like, ‘Who are these crazy old ladies weeping around shamelessly?’
Some other person saw the hand and asked the most stupid question possible at that moment…………,’Was the oil hot?’ I’m just like, ‘What?! No no! It was cold….. ice cold!’ You see terrible blisters on my hand and you’re asking if the oil was hot? Man!
The worst reaction I got was from this incredibly annoying fellow, who will probably read this. Guess what he did? He started laughing! Not like a chuckle or something cute; he was laughing like a weird combo of an hyena and a wild cat! I really really wished I had a gun so I could blow out his teeth! 😡
    But, don’t get your panties all in a knot….. I’m fine now. The hand hasn’t healed completely but it doesn’t look crazy-scary like it did before.

Meanwhile, big shout-out to those of you who were able to summon up the strength and courage needed to battle the sun on Tuesday and Wednesday in search of Convocation Rice! As for your homegirl, I was laying about in my hostel, catching up on Empire (ya I watch it too- don’t hate) and watching movies like ‘Mad Max’ and wondering why there was so much violence and so many irritating things (like where Max ate the lizard? Or where that creature ate a bug! Ugh!) Seriously? That movie won an Oscar? Serriousllyy??!! But to be honest, beyond all the disgusting parts, it was a good movie, but just not for me. Faint-hearted people like me watch only movies like Titanic and The Notebook and When Love Happens………… Just kidding! I live for action movies babyy!
    Congratulations to Ayodele Dada for accomplishing what, before him, had been deemed an impossible feat but bigger congratulations to the real star of the day…. The guy who, at his convocation ceremony, won 36 million naira from a bet placed on SureBet! This guy graduated with a 2.2! If you were given a choice to either be in Dada’s shoes or the guy’s shoes…… which would you pick? I shamelessly admit that I would pick that guy! With that kinda money, ain’t nobody need no employment! I become the employer instantly!! Its not about being materialistic, its about common sense!

I’m going to stop here so my hand can rest but, I promise you guys that you will hear from me again………. as soon as I possibly can. Again, a big Thank You to those of you who checked up on me and complimented my work. I appreciate. Peace and dopeness :*

IMG 20150511 102003 Tomiwa Adebanjo of the class of “18, is a versatile young lady; an avid reader with a flair for the dramatics. A hopeless romantic and a believer in the supernatural, she can usually be found munching on a bag of chips with her nose buried in a book (usually not related to law).

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