“While the institution of the state is falling fast corruption is growing fat.”Naphtali Ukamwa

The state of the nation today is no more than a social rape which has crippled almost all facets of our social existence. Nigerians have always criticized colonial rule and termed it colonial rape. However, it is apposite to state that Nigeria today is even more ravished by her own sons than the erstwhile colonial entity. The case of Nigeria is no more than the biblical tale of Reuben, the son of Jacob, who raped his own father’s wife. Or it can be likened to be more grievous than the rape of Belinda’s lock by Baron in Alexander Pope’s The Rape of The Lock.

The ascendency of hegemonic rule since 1999 till the last election in 2015 has only left Nigeria with nothing to show but spoils of  policy and socio-economic rape. The PDP – led administration has in the last sixteen (16) years ravished, squandered and lavished the resources of this nation and today we are left to gather the spoils.
Today, the naira is almost of no value. The economy is waning day by day. The funding of projects seems to be failing and  we operate a monolithic economy that depends almost absolutely on revenue derive from crude oil. But the fate of Nigeria and Nigerians will no longer remain the same. The most dependent resource of our economy is under the assailance of death blow as a result of the sporadic and dramatic fall in price of crude oil in the international market.
The problem is not far-fetched from the observation that ,over the years, we have neglected economic dynamics of developing local-content goods and diversifying the economy. The rape is ongoing and the effects are everywhere. Hitherto we have depended heavily on oil and gas, we have spilled oil and flared gas, we have destroyed the fertile land for agrarian activities; and now we are almost totally helpless.
How can a single, sane and rational man embezzle from the coffers of government  billions of naira, and there are masses of Nigerians groaning under hunger and many public projects remain abandoned? The nation is facing not only an economic but a political recession. While the institution of the state is falling fast corruption is growing fat.
Environmental degradation and militancy in the Niger Delta, Biafra movement in the East, Boko Haram in the North, Kidnapping everywhere, electoral malpractice everywhere: all these and many more are consequences of the protracting rape of the nation. The hegemonic reign of PDP in the last sixteen years is nothing but a ravishing nightmare of frustration and abuse of resources. All of which are symptomic of lack of purposive leadership and the rule of naivety and absolute democratic tyranny.
Today, Nigeria stands in the scene and the nations of the globe are watching what will become of her. Alas!. It is a moment for decisiveness and active role playing of collaborative leadership and citizenship for sustainable development. This administration has no alibi. It must work – work out the change it promised. Any excuse and blame transferring will culminate in even more tragic social, economic and political rape.
We must focus on endogenous capacity building .It is high time we began to look inward as a nation. Every Nigerian must hit the ground running and make it possible for the next level of sustainable development. Leadership perspective must be shifted from myopic agenda and focused on more sustainable drive and national development through the procurement and utility of available local resources and effective financial management beneficial for all.                  

FB IMG 1448315622203  Naphtali Ukamwa is an avid crusader for sociopolitical egalitarianism and the perpetual pursuit of happiness for all. He is an author and a political commentator. His dominant drives are God, family, law/advocacy. A member of the class of “18, Naphtali is also the Principal Political Editor of the Blog.


  1. Nigerians really need to read this, it has to get to everyone…….nice one Barrister Naphtali


    1. Naphthali, thank you for looking at the problem of this country from this perspective. I really appreciate your noting that purposive leadership is exactly what we need. In “the trouble with nigeria” by chinua achebe, he states “I am saying that Nigeria can change today if she discovers leaders who have the will, the ability and the vision.” I really do hope that Nigeria is that place we can be proud of in future. Thanks for this.


      1. The step to resolving an issue is first identifying the issue, the next step is what is the way forward. Great article this is…..thumbs up


  2. Nice one, Naphtali. This is an intelligent article; very organised and coherent.


  3. you hit the nail right on the head Naphtali. We refused to diversify our economy and now we are suffering as a result. Our past leaders have failed us, they are ambassadors of our poverty. But we also have a role to play as corruption doesnt grow in 1 day… it starts from somewhere. The youths of today need to prepare themselves to become leaders of Tomorrow. I hope everything CHANGES for the better very soon.
    Great article Naphtali!


  4. you hit the nail right on the head. We have indeed been “raped” by our own brothers. Our past leaders have failed us. They are the ambassadors of our poverty. I just pray that the CHANGE comes soon.
    Great article Naphtaltali


  5. Bla bla bla…
    The writer managed so say so little while talking so much. Basically all u said in the end was Nigeria is bad, look inwards. So many words. Just smth I noticed. Makes me wonder if the article was meant to educate or impress. It was always making sense, then it just went zonnnnnnnnnnnnn. It’s just how it’s always been. When u r talking too much u start to ramble.


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