The manifesto 3.0
The manifesto 3.0
The manifesto 3.0

I’m sure I’m not the only one who got tired of seeing this BC on every whatsapp group in the faculty of law. What is this thing about? What’s all the ‘hype.’ With all these talks sef, the thing ft no make sense like that. Try outs came, see as everybody dey jack like say na exam, but now that I think about it; 100k no b small thing oh. Friday came along, cool as a lagoon-front breeze but charged with excitement like it was judgement day… All the hype, all the preparations, all the talks, all the urges, all the hopes and aspirations… I leave you to imagine my lackadaisical attitude while in const law class; the manifesto 3.0 is manifesting, and I was in class listening to pol parties and all(what we do for a good G.P)
Immediately class got over, I rushed down to Annex; the arena! I was so excited that I didn’t even remember to get a food tag(nvm, I doubt if I could’ve eaten any thing after the excitements from those breath-taking performance anyway.)
On came Ahove Gboyega,  representing ADR, against William-Adusa Hosanna from the Maritime forum. Believe me, the programme couldn’t have kicked off any better for me. I found myself constantly nodding my head like an agama lizard to everything Gboyega was saying. It seemed to me we shouldn’t conform, I mean that guy was making perfect sense. But then… Hosanna took the stage. And oh-so-suddenly, it seemed we shouldn’t even be wondering if we should or shouldn’t conform. It seemed we should start racing for conformity with a vigour that can’t be imagined! I was lost!!! Rebuttal came, and again I was nodding to the words of Gboyega, certain William had nothing to offer. But when William spoke again… The earth moved. The oratory prowess emanating from these two was inundating everyone with inertia and restlessness at the same time.

Next came Anifowose Ibrahim of AMLAS against Oyindolapo Olusesi of the tax club. There is no doubting the fact that these two prepared for the debate with facts and figures mentioned, cases cited. It felt as if I was in a pol class. But in the land of the living mountains, the elephant is a dwarf.
Up next was Alao Omeiza, representing TEC, against Eze Esther of the book club. Omeiza’s voice carried confidence and authority, commanding commendations from every nook and cranny of the hall. That guy… But on came the soothing voice of Esther; commanding my brain to listen to her and not even think of conforming to western laws. Cos if we conform to western laws, ‘what would I be known for?’
Linda Elegeonye(JOC) came on to tell us, without any hesitation and with all conviction, that we should embrace conformity. I was, by that time, truly really flabbergasted. So I thought, ‘Linda is making sense. We should conform’. But no sooner had Kunle Whesu(oil&gas bar) come on stage than I’d another change of mind. It was that tough.
Joke Aganran of the Kayode ESO spoke her piece and my mind just wouldn’t let me be in peace; she’s right. Her points make sense! Right?
Anuoluwatoyosi Onikosi showcased to us why membership of moot is so well respected; that lady is a bomb. Speaking fluently and without breaking speed nor mincing points and words, she enraptured everyone in the hall. I believe I almost fell from my seat watching and listening to her in all amazement. Next came Ekungorin Olayinka Charles illustrating the truth of Philippians 4:13. He really busted my brain. He was the last of the speakers, but he captured every head and heart so well that no one felt they could have enough. If there had been an election there and then, he would’ve won… No, Hosanna would’ve won. Lai lai, when Toyosi is there… Uhm uh, how about Eze Esther? It  probably would’ve been Babajide Michael Olusegun.

Well, albeit there was no election, these five made it to the second round ‘in no particular order.’
And here again, oratory prowess took over. This time, impromptu speech was the order of the day and strained ears listened to every word uttered by the contestants. Screams and shouts of approval filled the air. An ambiance of excitement that can’t be worded took over. And everybody was like oh wow! After 20 mins of excitement and screams of approval, the judges deliberated on who the top three candidates should be. Believe me, I truly believed that if I stretched my fingers long enough, I’d touch the anticipation that enveloped the room. From the subtle vibrations in Arinola’s hand, to the glances Chioma was throwing around, from the deafening silence that was settling over the room to the people that were furiously typing on their phone in an effort to distract themselves… Well, I’d have to add my obersvation of all these was because I was trying to focus on anything other than the announcement that would soon imprint itself on my mind for years. After minutes of observing others, I found myself remembering how I used to greet Hosanna every time I saw him(we’re good friends, its not as if I’m famzing na. Moreover, he’s my boss as per the LSS blog Content Director.) I remember the number of times I used to exchange handshakes with Charles. Well, as for the other three, I started devising a way of getting a share from the cake if they happen to win(afterall, I’m a winner. So I only follow winners. #no_offence)

I was already getting scared of having a heart attack when I finally heard; Taking third position is Babajide Michael Oluwasegun of the Gani Student chamber. The screams that filled the air… Those Gani people en!(don’t mind them. Because they’ve won now, we won’t hear anything.)
‘Second position goes to Esther Eze of the book club!’ Seriously, I didn’t know that efikos could scream like that. I had to cover my ears so my eardrums didn’t burst or something. And hey, Esther, I was the guy who greeted you sometimes last week. You’ve forgotten abi? Nvm, sha give me my share.
By now… You can not only see and feel the tension, you can also torch it. It was like… It was like ‘The manifesto 3.0, there is nothing to compare it with. Who would top the chart? It was a shout in the dark on every audience’s part; Maritime!!! Clasfon!!! These were the loudest… I believe I was screaming both, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. So when finally I heard…
‘Maritime!!!’ I bolted out of my seat in joy. I believe I’d have done the same if Charles had won. The debate was that tight. The screams and yells that took over… The shouts of joy and noise of ebullience… Words can’t describe.
And that was it for me… Taking pictures and wishing it was me, but then it’s not bad. I and Williams are best of friends so we would share the money 51:49, right Williams? And hey, we don’t want any famzer here. We’re just two, right from before time.
Esther… Well, 60:40 is fair, or don’t you agree? Good dame, I knew you would agree.
Well… Michael can keep it. I don’t want to start famzing people because of money.

In all… The LSS blog congratulates you on your feat and pray you never develop cold feet in attaining feats fit for heroes in films. We wish to carouse with you and totally expect a turn-up. All the best.

Dosunmu Agboola Mubarak
For the LSS Blog

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