Political fascinations won’t stop erupting the polity. Guess what’s new? There is an advocacy that the fees of tertiary institutions be increased nationwide. Yup, you read that right. Senator Enoh, representing Cross River State has advocated this.

Your views:

“The proposed increment on fees in tertiary institutions is barbaric and should not be implemented.” -Iseoluwa Sadiq.

“It’s disastrous. It’s the last thing we need in this messy economy. With the rate of dollar and a hike in the price of everything. Education is the door to the future, and making it unaffordable is like closing the door to the future. ” -John Doe.

“If it would improve the educational system, no problem.” -Micheal Soyege.

“Our external reserves are nearly empty, there is a 1.7trillion deficit in the national budget, oil prices are at an all time low.. CBN is facing intense pressure to devalue the naira.  Extreme situations,  extreme measures. ” -Afolabi.

“Practically, there is no need to increase ‘anything’ now.  With the dwindling economy,  people will get poorer, money won’t circulate. Masses’ income will reduce. Not only fees,  an increase in anything will destroy the economy. That Senator needs a slap in his face.” -Lawal Abiola (L.A)

“There is nothing wrong with it at all. ” -Cannon.

“A lot of students go through a lot to pay the ‘cheap’fees. Some even miss a whole semester. An increase in school fees is not fair at all.” -Chidinma Lotechukwu.

“It is not a bad idea. School fees alone can’t run the universities. It is not arbitrary. Though it does not have to be increased so much. For those who are struggling to pay their fees, there should be a scholarship scheme for them, we is done in foreign universities.. they can always pay back when they are working. ” -Bobo Gboye.

“It depends on the use to which the increased fees will be put to. If it will truly enhance the sector, then it’s alright. But then, to the public tertiary students, subsidised fees is about the only truly beneficial thing government has done for its citizenry. Removing this subsidy will have adverse effects on students. Besides, why is the senator not discussing the reduction of wages and salaries of himself and his colleagues which removes or occupies a three percentage of the national budget. ” -Annointed.

“First of all, why is there a need to increase the school fees of Nigerian students? To make more money for payment of lecturers’ salaries? If this is the reason, it is not a right justification.
There are a thousand and one ways, the government can generate funds if they feel the need to get money. There are lots of resources possessed by the country which is currently laying idle.
The government should find a way to ensure they are fully utilized by bringing in investors.
Secondly, the wastage of government officials in this country is too enormous. There should be a drastic reduction in the resources expanded on government officials such as their salaries, monies spent on stationeries and a whole lots of other things.
I don’t see the increase in school fees as a solution, I see strike looming when this happens.”

Oh well, that’s what some of us had to say about our Senator’s advocacy (as if that’s what we put him there for). Well, I do hope and pray the bill is not passed into law. That’s right. I’m on the side of the “masses.”

Taiwo Famakinde
For the LSS Blog

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