The Manifesto by Taslim Elias Chambers has come to hold sway as the grandest public speaking competition in the Faculty of Law, with its utterly scintillating unpredictability, its wonderous inclusiveness of all societies within the Faculty of Law, and of course the resplendent display of verbal theatrics, oral acrobatics and aural psychedelics by the participants.
The pilot of this series under the administration of then HOC Temidayo, was won by Mr Nwachukwu Obi representing the Oil and Gas Bar defeating higher level heavyweights such as Mr. Shola Oshin and Mr. Seun Odeyemi. The next installment was a quintessential blood bath, with a plethora of “renowned” public speaking giants, with Fikayo Oyewunmi, Gabriel Aliu, Yemi Adebo, Waleey Fatai Opeyemi, Tobi “Tobolos” Olowokure, Deola Jaiyesimi aaaaaaaand Jones Ayuwo! Amongst others all in one ring. The thought of it alone was as so chilling, that public speaking connoisseurs would be ecstatic to say the least. In the end, the young man whose weird moniker is “Tobolos” emerged victorious, thereby borrowing the crown from Mr. Obi for a year.

One question arose though, the fact that the Manifesto 2.0 in a somewhat greedy manner, seemingly perched practically every single public speaking heavyweight (save for a few such as Alex and Timi), what would the next year hold in store??, would it be a boring display that would only make us reminisce about last year? Ah, if you thought this, like a wise man once said “sorry about that”
The Manifesto 3.0 was “ghen ghen” to say the least. Toyosi the princess of the Mooting Society whose content pierces like a titanium sword, Esther Eze the tall sleek Queen Helena of the Book Club who spits words seemingly lined with anthrax, Yinka the man with a voice as unique as kryptonite(“4 options, 1 answer”), Hosanna whose wit and outlandish perspectives hit harder than Captain America’s shield having been throng with all his might; and other heavyweight outsiders such as Babajide Micheal representing GFSC, Aussie sounding Omeiza representing TEC, Dolapo Olusesi representing the Tax Republican Party and Gboye Ahove who had more fanfare than 1000 spinning mechanic contraptions with “Binatone” inscribed on them.
It was quite a day to remember with 6 proper battles, and a final round still to come. The judges were also of a mercurial caliber, with the top boss from Banwo & Ighodalo, a Magistrate, an Associate from KPMG and the Managing Partner of Banana Island situated law firm of Tokunbo Orimobi LP, it was clear here, the TEC came to declare that err…eezz not a joking stuvvs today. Hosanna was titillating, Toyosi passionate as usual, Esther extra passionate as usual, Yinka was brilliant (“Western West Africa”) and new comer Babajide Michael was piercing, and they all qualified to the final round, to the dismay of Dolapo, Gboyega and Omeiza who all also gave very strong showings.
The final round was “lit”, with unexpected impromptu questions thrown at the contestants who wrestled with them like John Cena at Wrestlemania. Toyosi surprisingly let her gift of a question slip between her ordinarily merciless hands, Yinka started strong but somehow didn’t end the same way, Babajide did well, but could have done better, and so, it seemed like Esther was destined to be finally flown as the first female champion (alliteration stuvvs), but then akin to the last minute Sergio Aguero goal against QPR, Hosanna caught his question and analogous to the bear in “The Revenant” went savage like the question was Leonardo Di Caprio coated with barbecue sauce, and thoroughly satisfied himself, the judges and of course the audience. Even before Mr. Banwo called out the winner, it seemed clear who the new King was, once Hosanna’s name was called out, the eruption was volatile, scandalous, it was more like he had just scored a UEFA Champions League Final winning goal rather than won a speaking competition, with friends, fans and well-wishers all going frantic and celebrating all over the place, actually taking a minute or two calm down so that Mr William-Adusa could be presented with the prize of #50,000 a gift voucher of #5,000 and bragging rights for a year, and oh yea Mr Orimobi was so impressed that he added another #20,000 to the prize. The judges applauded the organization of the event, the quality of the speakers, and asked TEC to make sure they organize it every year, oh yea and the judges added another #25,000 to each speaker, thereby making Mr Hosanna a whopping #100,000 richer!, just for speaking!! For a sum total of about 10 minutes!!! Scandalous!!!! (unconfirmed rumours have it that various associations are preparing letter for sponsorship addressed to Hosanna :x).
The Manifesto 3.0 was amazing, well organized and wonderfully displayed the wealth of public speaking prowess that resides in the Faculty of Law, it also served to inspire other hidden gems within the Faculty, who are probably now ready to burst on the scene next year in a bid to be Hosanna’s successor. Well done to HOC Boyin and her entire team, kudos to Esther (first runner up) and Babajide (second runner up) for their hard fought battle, and congratulations to Hosanna, the winner and new public speaking champion of the Faculty of Law.
For those of you that could have easily done this competition but said that you were “shy”, “scared of audiences”, or “you’re not sure”, the sum total of #250,000 that was given out as prize money should remind you of the saying of a wise man who once said “sorry about that”.
P.S- If you know that you’d like to learn the tricks and skills required to win a competition such as The Manifesto, every Friday at 2:15pm at FLT, Jones and Tobo, don’t worry about that :D.

Tobi Olowokure
   Aka Tobolos


  1. Lol… Hilarious…. Is this a way to “advertise”, or more appropriately, “publicise” The Microphone?

    Nice wrote up, Tobi


    1. Samazing’s older brother. U r a very talented young man. But writing is not one of your talents from this display. Its the same way the ability to talk loudly dosnt make one a good public speaker. Too many words do not fill a basket. A word as they say is enough for the wise. Finesse, quality not quantity. Control, not force. cheers


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