25 Mar

In my few days in this citadel, I haven’t experienced anything more idiotic and unintelligent than this…..
A young man while utilizing section 39 of our Grundnorm, is almost eaten up and torn in pieces by a sect of ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing. Let me remind you what section 39 provides:
‘’Every person (including SAmazing) shall be entitled to freedom of expression including freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impact ideas and information without interference.’’
I have no intentions whatsoever to engage you in a long epistle but let me sound a note of warning to everyone who has been an enemy to our democratic existence hitherto: the era of totalitarianism is over!
Stop amplifying your ignorance and let wisdom reign. A band of intellectuals has risen and an end has come to your compound capital foolhardiness.
Be careful henceforth…..BigBrother is watching.

Dolapo Ajayi

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Posted by on March 25, 2016 in Opinion


One response to “Grundnorm


    March 26, 2016 at 7:25 am

    This is a serious matter ooo, but pls in exercising ur rights, Be careful not to infringe on another person’s right. Violence is unlawful….stick to the pen……. One LSS



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