“In a land of minds and time of madness, the destiny of a great nation rests on the commonsensicality of young lads named lawyers- Amaru”

The above quote seems to be a semi-resemblance to what you may come across in a prose-narrative of a classic African social-origin tale, right? Well, I am sorry it is not. I observed with mind-dissolving horror at the brawl that almost sent catatonic hysteria in to the legal suit of our dear Faculty, mind you this dysfunction in the already dysfunctional college minds of our members did not occur from the staff quarters, who we know are constantly plagued with bouts of mad-attacks; at least that would be understandable; but it came from the seat of mind itself: the intellectual geniuses of the teeming student masters. I’ll be convicted of convincing conviction of ignorance if I don’t make love with my pen and paper after such an abhorrent observation, in a shy bid to paint you a picture of words to colour your imagination, would be tantamount to committing the observation itself. What happened for Socrates’ sake? Please for the sake of factual brevity I will narrative my prejudiced perspective. What happened to SAmazing of intellectual memory, Wole Soyinka of legendary omnipotence, Gani Fawehinmi of fatherly chastity or the militant ability of Falana’s word-war sagacity we all but are too familiar with? I guess you observe that there is one sniggering little lad up in that frightening list, yeah? True, I’ll tell you that SAmazing hanging fragilely on that list was not a mistake because to my educated opinion, he is worth every penny put on that list. My digression is swishing in to the woods but I will take you back to the main road, if you please:

A young literary enthusiast decided to give testimony to the just concluded faculty manifesto that ended on wild approbative notes. Sam the lad narrated his experience at the event with the curious eye of a hawk, taking keen and dispassionate cognizance of the chain of events without the distressful taste of prejudice as to his observation. Unfortunately, the writer’s cynical criticism was received with ill-will, the consequence of which almost sent him to his permanent 6foot residence in the evening of ‘The Law’s Got Talent Show’. Amazing Sam was almost torn apart by a mob of angry primates who fashioned themselves to be law students, of course a real law student would never take such recourse to confront an intellectual equal, would they? Your guess is as good as mine. Sincerely I always wondered what it was like back then in the monumental coliseums of ancient Greece, where intellectuals would assemble and have long, simulating and measurably provocative conversations without resorting to clubs and fists as a means of resolving their perceived differences. So the point is this, is ancient Greece of legendary acknowledgment more intellectual and comported in carrying out their business than we are, considering the fact that they are a few thousand years behind us? Have you ever thought of this?
I will not say I am particularly surprised because certainly what goes up surely hits the ground, and in this case the madness has really hit the ground; how would you expect much from a bunch of primates whose leaders themselves engage in constant affrays at the slightest and meaningless provocation.
I think I will stop criticizing now and pass on the Good News: To my candid observation there has been a fall out in the intellectual kingdom, one which has successfully separated the sane from the completely insane and needless to say, I believe you know where SamAzing falls. A great pride of intellectuals have risen to the challenge of the day, and I promise you we will never back down. Our only weapon of attack and defense is our mind and our pen which we never subscribe to compromise.
Be warned!
Okolie Samuel Chux

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