As A Rejoiner By Ore Bello

  As a young man in my very early twenties, I believe myself to have seen enough in my immediate environment to ‘chuk’ my mouth into anything political about this country. One sentence, in all these years I have caught at the corner of people’s mouths which is that ‘we have bad leaders’ does not seem to change soon. Ever since I could read my abc, I have always known this country to have battled corruption (so I believed ) as I have watched many speeches where ‘tackling’ corruption has been evangelized until the old General came to ‘fight corruption’ which has not waned or showed signs of waning till as I write.

This discrepancy is what Mrs Obi Ezekwesili meant in her ascertainment ‘the war against corruption’ rather than ‘the treatment against corruption’. I stand corrected corruption stains everyone: the clothes we wear, the foods we eat directly or indirectly are products of corruption. Prof Sagay admonished ‘that our generation should not clap’ and should think when the plague of corruption is discussed. The former minister also implored that we should carry the gun- the intellectual gun though and fight corruption, my divergence I will voice later.

All of the discussants at NIALS on Thursday, all fall in the category of the generations before ours and believe you me they have failed us!. Their generation has done nothing significant to avert the status quo as I still imagine how a man being held in the throat will fight-like a dieing chicken right? I wonder how many Nigerians went on hunger strikes to protest the death of Wiwa. So how dare they come to us to preach pacifism and quitude. My own generation had learnt two earlier generations if leaders with hundreds of billions of dollars produce a jungle as a country where there are no roads or rail neither adequate power supply rather gave us paucity-wonder always why we have always sent the worst to lead us.
Surprised was I too, when I learnt legislators some of whom practice dismaying polygamy sitting to pass a bill on gender equality. Some one is forgetting that democracy is four wolves one lamb voting on what to eat for dinner.

  Intellectual gun we are admonished to carry,I told the former minister,we do not need an intellectual gun to subvert our current quandary we need a physical gun to combat these quandaries to submission. Picking from Savigny’s historical perspectives,the big nations of the world applied once in their history physical guns-we talk of the Bolsheviks in Russia, the Huguenots in France, revolutions in Britain, even Hitler’s’s Nazists held the gun to gain political control of the Reichsrat and the Reichstag through the nationalists party.

  Nigeria needs revolution not petty talks or paper works-people have died… . The recent dwindling of the change legacy. I quote on the issue of the old General the Yoruba proverb that says ‘the sheep that befriends a dog would learn to eat human waste’. A honest man in the company of thieves will not have enough to prove his innocence in the law court. Our old General this people appraise now seem to be a lonely revivalist,an only Angel in his undiluted perception what the fight against corruption is. The same hungry wolves of the former PDP are still circling the Nigerian lamb ready to pounce and devour as ever.

I am an anarchist as Stromtonin, but believe a violent revolution in our legal system, socio-economic system will go a long way if not solve this phenomenon of corruption which the dictionary lexicographers have not envisaged the wide applicability of its redefinition will have in Nigeria. It is rather the definition of violent that gets the discrepancy.

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