Recap: April Fool Special

  April Fool Special

Thinking about what April Fool’s Day would look like made me think of coming to the faculty on a Friday (All thanks to Jones and Tobolos who made me feel it
would be great… And yes! It was)

The Microphone was BOOM! The whole atmosphere was less tense as compared to the Advocate and The Manifesto.

He told me that the squeaky wheel get the grease. That is true, but I believe that the pen is mightier than the sword.
It is with this I’m going to change
different disability and mentality into the right ability. I am unknown and known but I know and this is what I know; I won’t rail against the lofty idea of the recently concluded ‘Tobolos & Jones’
April Fool program. It was like ‘a ease of case load relaxation program’. But you
see, ‘wonders shall never end’.

Faruq, I feel your points. Of course,
hostel life gives you this ‘ginger’ when you see your ‘bros’ going to the lIbrary and you are chilling on your bed, eating ‘pop-corn’. And I feel your pain when you confessed that your mum’s salary isn’t
up to 500k. Receive this prayer my
brother, as from now on, your mum will start earning a million naira in Jesus.Christ, name. Amen!!!!!!

But Great, must you always do the bad guy? Ok, I must confess, your presence alone became an affair of my heart. The whole world turned blue and I saw a love
clue with you at the center of the moon.

Now, if you are his girlfriend, you need not worry, it’s just a poem, no
attachment whatsoever. In one world, he is attractive, trust me. If you have never noticed it, start noticing today. But
Great, your last point snatched away the blue sky off my imagination. Common, ‘bq’ is for sexual empowerment? Like
seriously? Ok.

  Deola and Pryce, I enjoyed
the fact that you made open some secret ‘friend friend stuffs’ I hope you guys will not fight afterward. I enjoyed you guys.

Seriously. And ‘Deola, I have a crush on you already. But then, Pryce, I think those words are not for law girls, they are virgins. So, don’t try it next time.

Naphtali, did you realise that ‘your fine girl’ was sitting in front , smilling and blushing at you while you were talking? You could have been less serious..buh I got your point. Politics is different from
leadership ‘prof’.

Waleey, your public speech is usually wonderful. More grease
to your elbow. Ok, Samazing, for what you said to Jones, I hearby sentence you
to ….ok, that was a good one. But don’t.try it again. ‘If you ever peep into her book again, it will not be funny’.

Esther, your calm face while canvassing your points is just too good, but you were giving uncalled for shots(Well, it was funny and your piercing facial expressions made it funnier).

  Alex, I really didn’t get your points enough but of course, having this girl who will remind you of cases is good all the same.

  Verl(Hossana), if I won’t commend on your fine look, then it will be a mistake. You are just this handsome dude in a corporate cloth, enjoying your night with the Miss Belle of ‘outside law’.

You almost became my crush,
almost…just almost. I knew you had something in store for him as you were looking at him as he spat his emotional and serious “trash”.

  The way you snatched the  microphone made me expect something…. At this point, (I
must confess that Hosanna’s name on the BC convinced me that the programme was going to make sense) .

Common babe, he has not become a president. oh yes , but he is his own
president, rulling with his ideas. You were really a Shekau. Don’t worry, Alex will forgive you. It’s all fun.

Tobolos and Jones, I must confess, you got me and
many others in that web. When Jones was standing like he needed to defend himself and Tobolos was really speaking like ‘Obama’ , it was just like a ready battle in a circle. For a moment, I didn’t
know whether to stand up or remain on my seat and cry.. The invincible me had just been fooled!

Well done guys. It’s all fun. But I will never step on a snake tail because I want to be recognized. Oh! I forgot to add that I left the programme looking at all the
boys in the faculty(apart from Jones of course), with this question in my eyes…..

Written by Ikeoluwa Adetona and
Ayomide Alajogun


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