The Four Horsemen Of (Unilag’s) Doom By Oluwamayowa Akinyemi

  I don’t even know where to start. It all unfolded like the rapture that was described in The Book. In the wake of this madness that has swept over Unilag like the Great Flood, I have categorised the four major problems that, in my opinion, will go a long way in tarnishing the image of our great school-for good.


  This was the first major problem that the management of the school was faced with in the first lap of the session. The school admitted more students than it could accommodate (as always), and then refused to complete the renovation of the two major halls of residence available to male students. Now, everyone is speculating that Sodeinde will be made a P.G. Hall, and this accommodation problem will persist. This has already tarnished the school’s image to an extent,  and the school is fast becoming the University of nobody’s choice.


  This is one that is not well known to a lot of people because the concerned parties are in the minority. It is an issue that’s been somehow swept under the rug. But unfortunately, ULSU wants to install tiles. In the past, it was possible to register a failed prerequisite course from the previous session, and still finish your programme in the normal time, but now, that’s no longer the case. Now, when one fails a prerequisite course, it becomes an automatic extra year. In the same river, failure of GST courses is the reason for certain extra year cases this session. The school no longer practises “Let my people go” in that regard.


  This is a big deal because the masses are affected. No light to power your phone and remind your mom, how much you love her, and need money. Not enough light to cook spag and Geisha, or iron whites for Tort class. No water to bathe, wash or take a dump-don’t even try that, you’ll be scarred. All this, and it’s not even war time??


  This affects you if you “exist” in hostel, or “chill” in BQ. Sachet water is now golden. Egg is now #35, and so on. The basic things we need to survive on campus are now costly, and nearly beyond the financial reach of some people. The unnecessary rise in price of everything is a clear indicator that our school is losing some of its value.

     All these issues have led to the fray of tempers of members of the ULSU, and other concerned stakeholders of the school. And how does the VC respond? He calls a state  of emergency on unarmed protesters, he forces everyone out their hostels, whether they want to or not, and now the school’s been officially shut down.  All these events are similar to the signs of the end of days. Can it be said of Unilag, that this is the  end??

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